Winter Holiday Denmark

Winter holiday Denmark: Beautiful nature, fresh sea air, and open people – that’s Denmark. It is no wonder, then, that this country is always at the top of the world by comparison when it comes to the question of quality of life. Denmark simply has the All-Round happy package: a vibrant metropolis, charming cities for weekend trips and natural places to slow down and breathe. Today we introduce you to 7 places that you should not miss during your winter holiday Denmark. Perfect for those who want to get an impression of the country before setting their final Denmark itinerary. A lot of fun with our Denmark travel tips!

Winter holiday Denmark

The sea always goes, even in winter. It’s wonderful… wrapped up in a winter coat, walking along the beach and enjoying the landscape. Then drink a Gløgg in the cozy cottage by the crackling open fire and watch the sea. There are many reasons why everyone should visit the North Sea in winter. You can find out my best reasons for a winter holiday by the sea in this article!

Where to go in Denmark

Wonderfully quiet days and still always do something – this winter holiday Denmark. The Danish island in the North Sea has not only a beautifully wide, white sandy beach but also three idyllic villages to visit: in the north, north, central and South Sønderho. Sønderho was formerly the seafaring town on Fanø and was even voted the most beautiful village in Denmark in 2011 thanks to the picturesque straw-covered Skipperhäuser. A visit to the skipper of the village should be on your winter holidays To-do list so in no case.

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And what else is there to do so? Blokart and cleaned at the surf beach, about 2 kilometers south of the departure from Rindby, the five largest dunes of Fanø best self (the “Big Five”) and issue a certificate and to eat in the Rudbecks Fanø lunch!

Denmark cities to visit

Another beautiful destination is Denmark’s westernmost point – the Danish North Sea ferienhaus Blavand. In particular, a visit to the main attraction and attraction of the place, the lighthouse Blåvandshuk Fyr. From this, you have a unique view over the place at 39 meters above sea level and can look wonderfully at the Northern Sea and the Sandbank Horns Rev.

If you want to take a long walk, the route runs from Hvidbjerg beach to the lighthouse and stops on the way at the height of Lille Strandvej. Here is the mule bunker “Muldyr Bunkerne”, parts of the Atlantic Wall, which were built in 1944 and modified by artist mules were located. Another attraction is the Bunker museum “TIRPITZ”, which has recently been renovated.

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When you have finished your sightseeing program, then Blavand’s City Center invites you to a relaxed stroll through the Danish fashion boutiques and Interior Shops. For dinner, you can book a table in the restaurant Ho Kro. Here you will find delicious food from local products, friendly service and even a playground for the smallest restaurant visitors.

Blavand counts less than 200 inhabitants, but more than 2,000- winter holiday Denmark homes – so you can imagine that the selection of idyllic winter holidays accommodation here is more than great. You want to stay by the sea and wake up in the morning with a view of the raging waves?

Copenhagen in a day

Lots of bicycles, colorful houses, lots of water and good Design – a city trip to Copenhagen is like immersing yourself in a better, more colorful world. There is no stress and hustle and bustle here, but there are many well-known Danes who face vacationers with a wide smile. Wonderful for a first visit a cruise by boat across the Copenhagen boat tour. This way you can discover the city from the water and get to know the most important sights. The tourist Highlight is the Statue of the little mermaid. From the ship, you can watch the onslaught of the vacationers who flock like wild around the Little Mermaid.

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The visit of the Free State of Christiana on the city island of Christianshavn is also legendary. This was founded in 19 and 71 by Auto now on the quiet military grounds of Copenhagen and is still tolerated by the government. There are truly other laws here: for example, the use of Cannabis, which is banned in Denmark, is tolerated or is not controlled by the police in the Free State. Christiana is also a real Highlight for all vegetarians and vegans. Here you will find many restaurants and snack bars with purely vegetable food, which is affordable.

Winter holidays. What you have to do in Copenhagen: rent a bike and use the wide bike paths! Copenhagen is a bicycle town and there is hardly any place in the world where cycling is so much fun. Whether it’s a regular bike, E-Bike or electric scooter, everyone gets their money’s worth.

Ribe Viking Center

Tip Number Two is the open-air museum about Vikings. Here you can marvel at the buildings modeled after the Houses of the Vikings in the 9th century. On the grounds, actors also run around in costumes to intensify the” journey into the past ” even more. Here you will learn about the true life of Vikings as artisans, farmers and traders. The exhibition is recommended for children from 5 years of age. Check the current opening times as the Museum closes early. For a visit, you should schedule three to four hours. And attention: some local activities have to be paid extra. This includes, for example, the arc shooting.

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Wadden sea center

Number one, the Vadehavscentret (Wadden sea center), which presents a wonderful exhibition with various stations and rooms on the theme of the “habitat of the Wadden Sea” (child-friendly) is. The museum is attractively designed, so you can, for example, observe birds through interactive binoculars and learn about them or get to know different plant and Shell types.

West zealand Denmark

Winter holidays; Just a jump from Copenhagen, you will find another beautiful pearl of Denmark. The talk is of West Zealand – as the name already says, the West is the largest Danish island of Zealand. Here you will find endless fields, several lakes, dunes and forests, and a hilly landscape.

West Sea country is, so to speak, the recreational area for Copenhagen. But in addition to relaxing in nature, there are also a few sights to discover. Already Hans Christian Andersen, the most famous Poet of Denmark, came to West Zealand and lived during his “rest periods” in the castle host castle. You can still visit his room in its original state – after registration.

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If you prefer to immerse yourself in the exciting life of the Vikings, you should take a trip to the Viking fortress Trelleborg. In 1934 it was rediscovered during excavations and shines only almost in the old Glanze … well, at least the round Wall of the fortress still stands. You will also find a small museum on-site, which gives you insights into the life of Vikings as bakers, workers, and Warriors. Also, Trelleborg hosts the Viking Festival once a year, during which you can fully immerse yourself in the world of Vikings. The market at the Viking Festival is the largest Viking market in Denmark with more than 50 stalls.

The desire for art and culture? Then off to Sorø. In the small town in Western Zealand, you will find an exciting art Museum, modern Danish art. It was designed by the architects Lundgaard and Tranberg. The architect duo is also responsible for the concept of the new Royal Theatre in Copenhagen.

Viking fest

If you want to get to know the whole of winter holiday Denmark, you can only recommend one thing – to go to the Roskilde Festival. Since 1971, the Roskilde Festival in northern Europe has been the largest cultural and music events and not without reason. The Festival is known not only for its pompous Line Ups with artists like Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Kanye West, Metallica, Prince, Radiohead, Rihanna, and U2, but also because it presents promising newcomers and is good for new surprises every year.

Roskilde Festival

But also the camping is an absolute Highlight at Roskilde. As co-blogger Gesa writes in her report on the Roskilde: Dane does not buy the ticket to the Roskilde Festival because of the Line-up. Rather, he buys the ticket to excess-surrounded by peaceful people and best friends from the old days. The Roskilde Festival is as important for the Danes as the Hipster’s Tattoo.

Let’s say: the Roskilde is a Festival, two hours west of Copenhagen. Four days is celebrated here during the “Warm-Up Days” at the campground, the soul from the body, to celebrate the last forces for a further four days of Live Acts on 8 stages. But what is the most amazing thing at Roskilde: the surplus of revenues is donated to humanitarian organizations. The party is twice as fun!

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