What To Do In Honduras?

What to do in Honduras? travel tips Honduras, I tell you what I have experienced in Panama on my short trip to Central America. It’s finally time to fill this empty spot on my world map, so after a short Stopover at San Pedro Sula airport, I’m in a small propeller machine to take me to Roatán.

Honduras travel tips: Let yourself be infected by the energy of the Locals

Honduras is not necessarily praised by the international press. The predominant content of the articles is crime statistics, which, in addition to the pure horror, give little impression of this small country in the Caribbean. During the unfortunately only 20 minutes flight – I love these small propeller machines with their maneuverability that gives me the feeling of being a part of the aircraft – I watch the locals joking with each other and talking loudly across the rows of seats. The good mood of the Locals swells directly on me, while I watch the landing through the Cockpit.

What to do in Honduras

When the machine arrives at the sleepy Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport, I start to suspect one thing: relaxation is here in the genes and who can blame it if you live between lush green Vegetation, hilly mountains, and turquoise water, the next big city and all the man-made hectic far, far away …

Roatan Honduras Excursions

Roatán is the largest of the Islas de la Bahía, but it is still only 60 km long and 8 km wide. 30,000 inhabitants are surpassed many times each year by the number of tourists visiting the island. And although the island officially belongs to Honduras, English is more widespread than Spanish, which is only a part of the North American tourists since the ‘ 70s with their cruise ships at anchor. It is largely due to the pirate-rich history of the islands. In the centuries, Roatán was due to the strategic location repeatedly operational base of various Pirates.


The legendary pirate king John Coxen founded here in the 17th century. Century a settlement, and the later capital was named after him, “Coxen Hole”. So far at least the legend. “Hole “is to be understood in the sense of” hiding place” because this Caribbean beauty probably no one would call” hole”. The Pirates may be history, but the parrots still inhabit Roatán.

Honduras Caribbean

What to do in Honduras; On the way from the airport we dive into the lush green, the hills, densely wooded with Caribbean pine trees, from a distance and immediately get our first lesson in the insular Laissez-faire: we stop by the roadside, between roadway and water, at a small octagonal wooden hut. A slight breeze and the numerous flags attached to the roof Apron circulate our heads, while our palate of Caribbean excellence explodes. “Coconut shrimp” is the dish according to my memory, there are banana chips, Cole Stew, rice with beans and homemade lemonade. Had I already mentioned that food is a form of materialized happiness for me?

Gumbalimba Preservation Park

The nature of man is always more a mystery to me than logic. Why now, on a Caribbean island, which is overflowing with animals and plants, the bursting outright, whether of the exotic for us grey you are accustomed to Europeans, a … well, we call it expedition Park? I can’t say it. Anyway, we just visited this one. Of course, the plant world is beautiful and the animals are impressive; and of course, the impression is also somehow raised, everything is completely natural – alone, it is not. And as much as I am looking forward to meeting with the wildlife that is so strange to me, so little does it to me to see how capuchin monkeys are trained to jump on US tourists when they are tempted with dried fruit.

honduras travels

Accordingly, there is no photo of me with monkeys on the shoulder. Nevertheless, I am attracted to the charm of the thick green thicket, The Sun’s rays breaking through exotic plants and the majestic iguanas that cross my way at every corner. Honduras travel tips in this case so rather in the sense of ” Please do not!”.

Honduras Accommodation

Our Hotel is located at the western tip of the island, at the end of West Bay, the tourist part of Roatán, where most Hotels and Resorts can be found. The size of the equipment and the diving schools, the ranks here together, are at odds with the dream of the hippy drop-out island, Roatán, has been once. From West Bay to West End, The Beach is nestled in Half Moon Bay.

Along the only road in the West End, in the evening the scents of Caribbean cuisine mingle in my nose, the countless cafes, restaurants and food stalls advertise buyers for Seafood and traditional dishes. And between typical Caribbean tourists and overzealous providers of boat tours, massages, or other bells and whistles, all of which need to run with Pinocchio noses around, whether of the nonsense that you serve me partially, I find it – the dropouts, the Relaxed, those who came at that time and always remained. And who, to my delight and relief, still manages to give even the tourist peak this Flair, which will continue to make the consumer tourists visit Roatán, but also to leave it again. A glass of Rum.

Honduras travel tips

What to do in Honduras: The next day our guide Emily (type “caring bear” and about three times the size of me) takes us to his birthplace, Oak Ridge, in the southeastern part of the island. Oak Ridge is also called the Venice Roatáns because most houses are built on stilts in the water and the mode of transport of choice is the speedboat. Our route continues to narrow canals, the beautiful mangrove forms tunnels, in which hardly a ray of sunshine permeates the US.

The face stretched into the wind, let’s go to a monolithic rock, which is Emsly’s secret tip for snorkeling. Over and over, it grows steeply out of the water without a flat transition and I can’t decide if I find it more impressive over or underwater. Roatán is located in the area of the Belize Barrier Reef, the second-largest coral reef in the world (after the Great Barrier Reef), which extends over 1,000 km from Yucatán to the Islas de la Bahía. On the shore, we visit a small privately-owned Hotel where every guest has an own small water hut, wars of Emsly for more insider tips for evening Drinks and supplies on our way back from a passing boat, of Emsly’s friends with the unexpected, but very welcome, cool beer.

I notice once again how much I would like to live by the water, how much I enjoy it on (small) boats to slide over the waves and head and body to dive into the cool wet. And when in the beginning dusk delicate raindrops fall on the mirror-like water in the Bay and all around it is still, I know: if, then here.

Punta Gorda Honduras

Opposite Oak Ridge, on the other side of the island, is Punta Gorda, the cradle of Garífuna culture. Their time, the Englishmen deported Caribes from St. Vincent (former slaves) to Roatán. From the Creole, English and Spanish influences the culture of the Garífuna formed, which had its first solid settlement in Punta Gorda. Meanwhile, the Garífuna with its culture and language (the Igñeri) are widespread across Central America but have never left Roatán. With built-in boats, they earn their livelihood mainly in fishing and the youngest are already growing more in and on the water than on Land. The Garífuna are people of the water, and it is part of their identity.

What to do in Honduras?

Emsly leads us purposefully into one of the pastel-colored wooden huts, which looks like any other from the outside. We quickly realize that this is a kind of snack, but probably the snack with the best place to eat in the world: via a jetty, we get to a wooden hut covered with palm trees, which towers on stilts in the sea. We serve the traditional Garifuna food: Machuca, a coconut soup refined with freshly caught lobster, fish fillet, shrimp and mussel meat, to which a solid paste of cooked bananas is served, the real Machuca.

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The Machuca is not only incredibly tasty but also insanely rich. They strengthen the immune system, so the Mantra, we get to ears again and again and after eating you should only rest for a few hours and then reproduce. The part we have omitted a rude way.

Sambo Creek Honduras

Back on the mainland, we visit the original settlement of Sambo Creek. Our local Guide Kevin is an estimated 9 years old and insanely clever. Kevin and his friends have the most fun with our cameras, with which they felt to shoot 300 pictures in three minutes. We are warmly welcomed by locals and we are assured that Honduras is safe as long as you don’t give up with strange people. We meet one of the last drummers in the area, who sells his drums from local woods even to New York and are allowed to come closer to the Python of a neighbor than we love.

Rio Cangrejal Honduras

Not far from the village lives in an incredible Lodge in the mountain hills Pepe Herrero, his signature environmental activist, socialist and communist, as he imagines himself. Pepe grew up here and is committed worldwide to preserving natural ecosystems and research into reserves. He is a pioneer of this valley, has it self-developed and soon he wants to open up an Eco-Lodge himself.

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The organic Woods, from which the furniture in this, as well as his Lodge, are built, come from trees that Pepe has planted as a child himself. Wants to host it, especially individual tourists, researchers, and activists, it’s more about the exchange and the enlightenment than to gains. While we sit on his terrace, to which he strongly invites us at any time heartily, and listen to his stories, it becomes clear: Pepe is one of those persons who have dedicated their lives to a purpose. He discussed with national and international politicians on this terrace and discussed environmental objectives. The view of the misty rain forest, the noise of the wild Rio Cangrejal in the ear. You know immediately why.

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