What To Do In Bratislava

What to do in Bratislava? It starts again with the advent season! Atmospheric Christmas lights, the scent of local culinary delights and numerous stands with arts and crafts – all this awaits visitors to many Advent markets. My first of four Christmas contributions I dedicate this time to the Slovak capital Bratislava. What impression I have of the local Christmas markets, you will learn in this article.

What to do in bratislava

Bratislava Public Transport

During the Christmas season of 2017, I was back to Bratislava and I looked at the Christmas markets. Getting there by train is extremely convenient and fast – every half an hour you can get to the central station in Bratislava (Hlavná Stanica) or from the district of Petržalka, which is just a short distance from the city center. From both stations, one is then quickly in the city center and the middle of the action. What I have discovered in the Christmas markets, you can see in the following pictures.

Bratislava Christmas Market

The most important and most beautiful Christmas market is located in the main square (Hlavné námestie) of Bratislava. There are in wonderful surroundings between the Old Town Hall, the Maximilian fountain and worth seeing house facades exactly 100 stalls lined with different products (as of 2017). I was present on an opening day and can now say: people are not the only ones in Vienna who like to go to Christmas markets. What to do in Bratislava? While it was still easy in the early afternoon, to see everything in peace, it was from the onset of darkness, a huge crowd. I put this now but sometimes on the fact that the lighting of the Christmas tree by the mayor was turned on with an official celebration and therefore so many people wanted to be there at the same time.

The offered goods can be divided into two main areas: at a lot of stalls, you will find mostly lovingly crafted handicrafts, including products made of wood, ceramics, beeswax, and metal.

Bratislava Food

At an even larger amount of stalls, however, delicacies of all sorts – you do not pay attention to the calories. In addition to huge potato pancakes, sweet and hearty pancakes and cakes, it is mainly sausages and in (any amount) fat fried chops that are eaten by the visitors greedy. When it comes to drinks stalls, you often see long lines when it comes to punching, mulled wine and other blends. Incidentally, hard alcoholic drinks should not be served.

What to do in Bratislava, next, to the main square, there are also other Christmas stands on the Franciscan Square (Františkánske námestie) and in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall, which, above all because of its quiet location, is a contemplative alternative to the hustle and bustle. He also stands out through a blacksmith who creates works of art made of metal in front of the visitors over an open fire. Children will also be thrilled with a sheep and a goat that willingly attack in a small stable.

The Christmas market in front of the National Theater

The second large Christmas market in Bratislava is located just minutes from the main square in front of the Slovak National Theater (Slovenské národné Divadlo). The long square Hviezdoslavovo námestie offers the ideal location for numerous other Christmas stands. Almost the same thing is offered on the main square as the market, but I found the products a bit more kitschy and commercial. The atmosphere was great here as well, which was visually supported by the magnificently lit buildings of the National Theater and the hotel The Carlton.

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