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Vietnam Halong Bay and its approximately 1600 small islands, which protrude from the emerald green water, enchants tourists from all over the world. The 340-million-year history of the UNESCO World Heritage contains legends and myths of gods and dragons. What a mystical place, you should think. Read on to find out whether a boat trip in the infamous Halong Bay is worthwhile or whether the popular tourist attraction has already lost the luster of its multitude of tourists.

When it comes to travel in North Vietnam, Halong Bay has long gained its popularity with locals and foreigners as a top-rated UNESCO heritage in the country. From fairytale limestone islands overgrown by rainforests to majestic natural caves and peaceful beaches with lively fishing villages, Halong Bay offers everything travelers should expect when traveling to Vietnam. We have a list of the most important Halong Bay travel tips for you to explore.

Halong Bay Tour

When I traveled to Vietnam, next to a trekking tour through the mountain villages of Sapa, I took a Halong Bay boat trip at the top of my list. The pictures in the guidebooks were just too spectacular for me to miss out on this experience.

Getting to Halong Bay

To get to Halong Bay, the journey is via Hanoi vietnam. You can reach the Vietnamese capital from within and abroad with various airlines. You can find cheap tickets and all the information about the connections at Skyscanner and Momondo.

From Hanoi, there are now several ways to visit Halong Bay. These include organized tours, the taxi, the bus or even the train. At least as far as Hai Phong, you can get there by taking these means of transport, because there you have to take a ferry to Cat Ba, where most of the tours start.

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Combo tickets by bus or train are available from Hanoi and can be booked at many hotels on-site or online at Inform yourself in advance about the prices, as there are sometimes large price differences. Halong Bay and the legend of the jade spitting dragon. Vietnam Halong Bay is said to have transformed a dragon into small islands as it spewed jewels and jade. He was sent by gods to help the then-attacked nation so that attacking ships could no longer avoid the bay and eventually perished.

Boat Tour Halong Bay

The transfer from the hotel in Hanoi to Halong Bay went smoothly and quickly. The boat trip was a nice experience and the sight of the thousands of small islands remained in my memory. While traveling to Cat Ba, you’ll be able to relax on the deck in deckchairs and seating and let the action around you calm down.

Families with children I recommend a higher standard to choose from. Parties until dawn is not uncommon on the low budget boats. Beverages must not be taken and who gets caught, must give drinks. The crew was not very friendly, but that may be different during your tour.

Halong Bay Accommodation

The hotel on Cat Ba was very clean and comfortable. I also felt comfortable in the boat cabin. However, staying in this is only allowed in the late evening to early morning. Meals for lunch and dinner were plentiful. There were varied specialties from the sea and vegetarians were also not too short.

Halong Bay Accommodation

Cat Ba is the largest island in Halong Bay and is home to the wonderful Cat Ba National Park. There is a lot to see on Cat Ba. Rare plants and animal species that are threatened with extinction can still be admired here in their natural habitat. The rare yellow Orichdee belongs to the optical highlight of this unique area.

The time we spent there was unfortunately very short. We spent a lot of time in the caves and so the Cat Ba National Park was not that much anymore. The hike to the viewpoint in the park took longer than agreed with the guides and so almost everyone came too late. This again caused a bad mood among the guides.

After that, we had some free time. So you can explore the island on your own in a small time frame. It took us to the port of Cat Bas. Here are some fishing boats frolicking. However, the view over the hilly landscape in Cat Ba Island was one of my highlights of the whole tour.

Halong Bay Tourism

Upon arrival at the port of Vietnam Halong Bay crowds of tourists bustle. Here the boats set every standard and people from all over the world sit in waiting areas and get on their feet. But once the trip starts, the ships and boats are fairly dispersed. It is not that boats are in the water and you have to be afraid to capsize.

Vietnam Halong Bay

On Cat Ba Island and especially at the lookout point, however, mass tourism and crowds prevail. The tour group was a comfortable size of about 12 people and there was no crowding or lack of space onboard.

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