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Victoria falls activity: A visit to the Victoria Falls is probably among many travelers who come to Southern Africa, very high on their To-Do list. This largest continuous waterfall, located in both Zimbabwe and Zambia, is one of the Seven Wonders of our planet! The Victoria Falls, also known by the locals as “Mosi-oa-tunya” (thunderous smoke), extend over a length of about 1.7 kilometers and belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is an incredibly impressive natural spectacle to see and hear the waterfalls up close. So definitely a place to visit in Africa!

The journey to the Victoria Falls begins

This year I visited the Victorian falls for the first time – as part of our road trip through southern Africa. This led us from South Africa through Botswana, and then to Zambia. Many people travel to Botswana or Namibia with a detour to the Vic Falls, because it is close to the borders of these countries.

Our journey to the wonder of the world begins in Kasane, Botswana. There we leave our 4×4 off-road vehicle with roof tent for the next few days standing and travel by Transfer to the Zambian border, more specifically to the Kazungula ferry. From there we take the boat to Zambia. We arrive in Kazungula, take care of the entry formalities and then continue to Livingstone in just over an hour. Livingstone is practically the tourist center in Zambia for all visitors who want to visit the Victoria Falls. When we arrive there it is already afternoon, so we spend the remaining hours in Livingstone and then use the next day for visiting the Vic Falls.

Victoria Falls attractions

The next morning, we’ll have a couple of dollars to go directly to the national park entrance. The short drive there already suggests that this chobe day will be quite impressive because the spray of the water masses can also be seen from afar. As we descend and enter the national park, we follow the signs to the waterfalls.

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After a few hundred meters we reach the first viewpoint, where we can see the Victoria falls activity for the first time. In addition to the incredible size and overwhelming sight, it is above all incredibly loud! The water masses of the Zambezi River fall there 110 meters (!) in-depth. We follow the path along the edge of the waterfall, which repeatedly reveals breathtaking views of the masses of water from the most diverse viewpoints. We cross the Knife Edge Bridge and then even walk through a small rain forest, which has formed there due to the spray mist.

Trip to Zimbabwe

Those who visit the Victoria Falls from the Zambian side can also make a detour to Zimbabwe to see the falls from the Victoria Falls Bridge. So after visiting all the viewpoints from the Zambian side, we spontaneously decide to go to Zimbabwe. The border between Zambia and Zimbabwe is indeed exactly on the Victoria falls activity. To do this, we have to go out and exchange our passport for a piece of paper, which allows us to visit the bridge. The fact that we leave our passport there as a “pawnbroker” is certainly not quite legal, but in Africa, at some point, nothing is funnier. After a few minutes, we reach the bridge and admire the imposing Victoria Falls from there. A pretty successful conclusion of our day trip with this impressive natural wonder!

Activities vic falls

Numerous activities can be done at/ AT and around the falls. For example, a round-trip flight with a helicopter or Microlight, bungee jumping, white water Rafting, Bridge Slide, swimming in Devil’s Pool (Zimbabwe), views from the Boiling Pot (Zambia), walking safari over the Knife Edge Bridge (Zambia) and much more. The towns of Livingstone (Zambia) and Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) are also worth a visit.

Victoria falls activity

Probably one of the essential questions when you plan a visit to the waterfalls: which side should you visit? Both certainly have their pros and cons. I can only tell from my visit to the Zambian side and that was very impressive. The lookout points are numerous, there is a rain forest, and only on this page, there is also the possibility, to the Zambezi and the Victoria falls, climb down (the so-called “Boiling Pot”).

If you want to know how Vanessa experienced Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe, you can read her report here.

White-water rafting Victoria falls

Whitewater rafting on the Zambezi River is one of the toughest difficulty tours from 3 to 5 on a scale of 1 to 6.

Depending on whether it has high water or low water, various rapids can be used. From around the beginning of July to mid-February, Rapid White water Rafting will start at Rapid Nr. 4. In the remaining months, High White water Rafting can only be started from Rapid No. 11.

An “adventure must” is that the boats also tilt at least once and the whole crew lands in the water. The inflatables are always accompanied by kayaks, which collect the overboard gangs again if necessary.

Devil’s Pool – Swim to the edge of the falls

An absolute Victoria falls activity that only offers the side of Zambia during the dry months are the Devil’s Pool. Right on the edge of the demolition edge, there is a water pool during the dry season that not only allows you to take spectacular photos, but also lets you enjoy the great feeling of sitting directly at a waterfall more than 100 m deep

Travel Victoria Falls

The Vic Falls do not carry the same amount of water all year round. From April to November is the dry season, where the falls are greatest. At the end of the dry season, less and less water flows, so that from November no more water reaches the Victoria falls activity. Then you may not find the most impressive waterfalls in Zambia and sometimes only small streams flow across the edge.

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From November to March is then rain season, the water masses return month after month slowly and make the falls again an impressive natural spectacle. However, towards the end of the rainy season (February/ March) you may not be able to see very much because of the enormous spray and spray mist. In this period, about 500 million (!) Liters of water per Minute drops the cases. For comparison: in the water-Dry Season in November, there are degrees times 10 million liters of water per minute.

Livingstone Zambia

Useful Information

Admission prices & opening hours: admission costs 30$ (as of 06/2019) and the opening hours are from 6-18 O’clock.

Clothing: during the months with high water levels, you should necessarily bring a Raincape or a rain jacket. The spray is not to be underestimated and you get completely wet. The same goes for your camera! My tip: Bring a plastic bag, wrap your camera in it and makes a hole for the lens.

Because it’s wet everywhere, you should also put on foot-resistant shoes.

Beware of the monkeys: as so often happens in Africa, there are also monkeys here, more precisely Pavane. They’re not aggressive, but they’re always looking for something edible. Keep your bags with you, otherwise, they might be stolen.

Accommodation in Livingstone

victoria falls africa

Our accommodation in Livingstone was the Maramba River Lodge, located directly on the Maramba River. A recommendable Lodge with Pool, Restaurant and good food. Due to their location, the hippos get out of the river at night and on the grounds.

Things to do in livingstone Zambia

The Victoria Falls are called in the language of the locals Mosi-oa-Tunya – thundering smoke – better the waterfalls between Zambia and Zimbabwe can not be described!

He named the most beautiful thing he had seen in Africa after the then British Queen and gave them the name Victoria Falls.

The Victoria Falls, with a width of 1708 m, are not only the widest continuous waterfalls in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also a Mecca for all action sports enthusiasts who want to get their adrenaline on board, for example.

The falls are right on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. But which is the country with the best view of the Victoria Falls?

The Victoria Falls are fed by the roaring waters of the Zambesi River between the border towns Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe (Zambia) and Livingstone in Zambia (Zambia) and are a natural spectacle of the extra class and of course the Victoria falls activity in the two countries.

Best time to see victoria falls

The falling of the Victoria Falls amount of water clap under thunder noise on the floor and then spit back immediately with such a force that form a rising water spray wall up to a height of 300 m. In ideal weather-water conditions you can see these sprays from 50 km away!

Victoria falls activity

The closer the Zambezi river rafting gets to the edge of the Victoria Falls, the more it gets wider and gets all the more buoyant. The water masses then plummet over an edge of 1,708 m wide into a depth of 110 m at the Victoria Falls, forming the widest continuous waterfall in the world and the largest waterfall in Africa. How could this natural phenomenon be described better then thundering smoke!

At the end of the rainy season in February of March, the largest masses of water shoot down the Victoria Falls. At the end of the dry season in September and October, when I visit the Victoria Falls, I would be disappointed at first of the little bit of water, which splashes over the demolition edge. However, only at the first moment, because I had imagined them just roaring. The volume of water actually goes after the dry season to a hundredths back!

The city of Victoria Falls is located on the south bank of the Zambezi in Zimbabwe right by the Victoria Falls, while Livingstone is located on the north shore in Zambia. Both are connected by a road and rail bridge that spans the 100-meter-deep batoka gorge of Zambezi east of the Victoria Falls and thus the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Lodges in livingstone Zambia

About 2/3 of the Victoria Falls are located in Zimbabwe. Accordingly, there are more viewpoints and the classic view of the “Mainfalls“. In the rainy season, when the Zambezi lets enormous amounts of water run over its demolition edge, no-one on this site will be anywhere near dry – too intense is the spray that shoots up from the depths.

Zambia: The Victoria Falls from Livingstone

victoria falls

This Zambia side of the Victoria falls activity is a bit wilder from a landscape perspective, with fantastic close-up views of the falls, with interesting angles from the Knife-Edge Bridge, a narrow, free-hanging bridge that connects two cliffs. Standing close to razor-sharp precipices and gazing at the rainbows in the waterfalls are the highlights of Zambia.

Although I found the masses of water in September not particularly impressive when I was there, but the trails are awesome and the view spectacular. Many also recommend Zambia because the political situation is considered to be more stable, and for those passing by, the overall care, for example with gasoline and food is more reliable. Anyone who appreciates this aspect can still choose Zambia as a transit country and only travel to Zimbabwe for one day to see the falls from this site.

Victoria falls tips

• Most guided tour operators visit the Victoria Falls of Livingstone and thus Zambia (Zambia) because the political situation is considered to be more stable. Hotels and accommodations are cheaper in Livingstone than on the Zimbabwe side, restaurants also.

• No matter which country you are in, there are taxis or day trip to the neighboring country to see the falls from the other side. However, there are also visa fees for the other country and again the entrance fees.

• If you plan to visit both Zimbabwe and Zambia, you should buy a KAZA Universa Visa. This visa is far cheaper than 2 individual visas for the countries and even includes day trips to Botswana.

• On the circular walk around the waterfalls it can get very wet depending on the season – it is advisable to break up with rain capes and pay attention to the photo equipment.

Victoria falls activity

• The entrance fee for the Victoria falls activity is currently US $ 20 from Zambia and US $ 30 from Zimbabwe as a rough guide as they change constantly.

• At least 2 – 3 hours should be planned for the visit of the waterfalls.

• Important: almost all activities have to be paid in Zambia in US $. So ideally, take enough US $ or exchange losses to trade in and out. All activities around the Victoria Falls are “VERY” high priced, even compared to other activities in South Africa.

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