Tropical Island Lanzarote A Volcanic Island

Tropical Island Lanzarote is the northernmost of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Marked by numerous volcanic eruptions, solidified lava and volcanic cones cover three-quarters of the island. With its well-developed road network, the beautiful sandy beaches and the natural spectacles, Lanzarote offers the perfect destination for swimming and cultural holidays.

lanzarote attractions

Our journey begins on Sunday at the arrecife airport with the takeover of our rental car from Sunny Cars and the subsequent drive to our hotel Seaside Los Jameos Playa in Puerto del Carmen. After getting our room we go to dinner, where we enjoy the rich buffet. The evening will end with a typical Spanish sangria in the hotel bar and enjoy the piano playing of the pianist.

Despite the low rainfall, Lanzarote sometimes surprises with tropical vegetation, because there are gigantic cacti and a palm forest as well as wine-growing areas on the island. The volcanic origin of Lanzarote is omnipresent. In the bizarre rock formations, cave systems and crater landscapes of Tahiche, La Cueva de los Verdes or El Mirador del Rio and El Golfo you can admire this natural spectacle. Visiting the Timanfaya National Park is a must for every vacationer.

Lanzarote playa blanca

On the second day of our trip, we visit the port city of Playa Blanca with our rental car. After we have found a parking space, we head to the promenade, which we stroll along in bright sunshine. The beach is not called “white beach” for nothing. Here is the sand, unlike the rest of the island of volcanic rock, bright and white. To cool us, we slip into the swimming trunks and jump into the turquoise wet. On the way back we also want to visit the famous parrot beach. Here, however, a disappointment awaits us – the adventurous approach to the beach is closed due to a construction site. Our consolation: so we have a reason for another trip to Tropical island lanzarote!

Tropical Island Lanzarote

Day three of our vacation we want to relax again and treat ourselves to a break at the pool. We also use our All-Inclusive offer today and enjoy our Piña Colada on the comfortable pool chair. Sunbathing is of course also on the program. In the hotel, there is even a sun advisor who tells us their tips on how to get a nice tan the fastest. In the evening we enjoy the billiards and listen to the sounds of the ABBA live show.

Also on Thursday, we make exploratory. Today we drive to the Timanfaya National Park. It includes a lava sea, which testifies to the history of the more than six years of eruptions in the years 1730-1736. Still, the heat under the earth is felt, as well as to see. Thus, the branches, which are placed in a hole in the ground, ignite within a few seconds.

César Manrique

The art of César Manrique is represented not only in the Timanfaya National Park. The island is characterized by his works, which can be found in many places. Also, the Jardin de Cactus (in German cactus garden) was created by the local artist. When he discovered a fig tree in 1970, which had sprung from a frozen lava flow, he decided without further ado to build his house there. This comprises a total of five lava tubes, which Manrique transformed into living spaces. Today the house is owned by the Foundation “Fundacion César Manrique” founded by Manrique and can be visited.

César Manrique

Go-kart on Lanzarote

On the second-to-last day of our holiday, the go-kart piste near Arrecife airport is on the way. The track is the longest in Europe, where numerous championships take place, so an absolute must for every go-kart fan. My friend drives on the podium and takes second place – I’ll be the last. Nevertheless, it was fun!

Puerto del carmen beach

Puerto del carmen beach

Tropical Island Lanzarote on the first day, we want to enjoy the beach first. The fine sand and the bright blue sea invite you to linger. Soon, however, we are drawn towards the city center. We take a walk along the coast and stroll past the many shops, bars and coffees. With a view of the sea, we enjoy a cool refreshment before heading home. The feet in the sand, ankle-deep in the water, we go along the beach back to the hotel, which is at the end of the bay.

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