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Trips to Venice:There are many canals in Venice and therefore it is not surprising that there are many different bridges there. However, the Bridge of Sighs together with the Rialto Bridge is the most beautiful bridge in the city.

A short history of the Bridge of Sighs

La Ponte di sospiri, as the bridge is so beautifully called in Italian, was designed in 1600 by Antonio Contin (who is also the creator of the Rialto Bridge, one of the most beautiful sights in Venice). Just a few steps from St. Mark’s Square, this characteristic Venetian bridge connects the Doge’s Palace with the Prigione Nuovo (new prison). This former detention center is also the first building in the world explicitly designed as a prison. The Bridge of Sighs served as the prisoners’ transition to the Inquisitor’s offices to be tried there.

The name of the bridge was chosen because, according to tradition, the prisoners sighed as they crossed the bridge, as they had the prospect of seeing the outside world for the last time. Whether this legend is true, is not quite clear, but as one says in Italian: “Se non è vero, è ben trovato!” (If it is not true, it is well-invented!)

Bridge Of Sighs Venice

There are four ways to experience the Bridge of Sighs:

  • If you are in a hurry, it is best to admire the bridge only from a distance. There are only two places that offer a view of this baroque bridge. The first is the liveliest, namely the bridge Ponte della Paglia. You can reach them bypassing the Doge’s Palace and turning right (with your back to the lagoon). You can not miss the bridge because it is the first bridge you meet.
Trips To Venice
  • The other (and best) place from which you can see the Bridge of Sighs is also a bridge: the Ponte della Canonica.
  • One can walk on the Bridge of Sighs if you do not forget the Doge’s Palace, that you need tickets for it! Trips to Venice a guided tour will tell you more about the palace and the bridge for only € 28 (including priority tickets). You do not only visit the famous palace but also the prisons and walk on the famous bridge. There you can see that it is divided into two narrow parts separated by a wall in the middle. This has the background that the prisoners who came from both directions could not see each other.
  • Last but not least, you can drive through a gondola under the bridge in a very romantic way. But make sure that this pleasure can be very expensive.

Gondola Ride In Venice

– During the day you pay 80 euros for a half-hour drive. For each additional twenty minutes, you pay 40 euros extra.

– In the evening you pay 100 euros for a 40-minute drive and every other twenty minutes cost 50 euros extra.

– A group ride in a gondola is also possible if you do not mind sitting in the boat with strangers.

Worth knowing about the Bridge of Sighs

• Did you know that there are over 400 bridges and 100 channels in Venice?

• The most famous prisoner brought to the Doge’s Palace by the Prigione Nuovo is none other than Casanova. This womanizer was arrested in 1755 because he had spread an “anti-religious attitude,” which was a real problem in the pious city. Fifteen months later, however, he managed to escape.

• A local Venetian legend says that two lovers will be together forever when kissing at sunset as they drive in a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs.

venice attractions

• There is a bridge of sighs not only in Venice but also in Oxford, Cambridge, New York, and many other places bridges bear this name.

• This beautiful bridge, which runs over the Rio Palazzo canal, is about eleven meters long and is made of beautiful white Istrian marble. If you take a closer look at the bridge, you can discover twenty masked heads.

It is not certain whether you will find eternal love under this famous bridge, but it is clear that a visit Trips to Venice to La Serenissima is not complete without having seen this landmark!

Excursions in Venice

Do you want to walk over the Doge’s Palace to the Bridge of Sighs? Or would you like to see more sights in Venice? Then take a look at these beautiful excursions in Trips to Venice:

Here you can visit the picturesque fish market, take boat trips on the canals or take a trip to the nearby island of Pellestrina on board a Bragozzo, a typical Adriatic fishing boat, or take a trip on board the Bragozzo Ullisse for an aperitif Enjoy in the middle of the sea and since bicycles are also transported, take a bike tour to Lido di Venezia. Other destinations in the area include the islands of the lagoon (Torcella, Murano, Burano), the tour of the Palladian villas of the Brenta Riviera and the cities of Padova, Vicenza and Treviso, which are rich in history and masterpieces of art.

You probably know it already, but with a city trip to Venice, you are always right. The beautiful canals, historic buildings, and beautiful monuments make a trip to there always memorable. A city trip to Venice does not have to be expensive!

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