Trips To Northern Italy

Trips to northern Italy: In addition to Pizza, Gelati and excellent wines Italy is famous for many small villages and cities and their Italian charm. I really liked this Flair as a child, which is why I decided this summer to visit our neighbors again. I wanted to discover some places, eat a lot of Pizza and experience a lot more. That’s why we went on a road trip to northern Italy and I want to introduce you to my Highlights.

Trips to northern Italy

There are many itineraries. We wanted to include a few city trips on our northern Italy road trip. That’s why we chose a route along the Hotspots in the North. We chose this route:

Northern italy travel

Trips to Venice is a city like no other. Built on islands surrounded by a lagoon, Venice fascinates tourists from all over the world. There are no cars, only boats used on the canals as a road and several bridges that connect the small Islands. I was in Venice a few times as a child, but I was still totally fascinated by its uniqueness during the current stay. I was thrilled by the water lines, which are as well developed as the Bus or metro network in big cities.

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Venice itself is beautiful. The small alleys are so charming, you can find a new beautiful motif behind a bend, among other things the popular sigh bridge. The Grand Canal also has its own attraction. The Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, the Rialto Bridge and the St. Mark’s tower stand out in particular. The famous St. mark’s square with the St. mark’s Church is the most famous, but, accordingly, also with tourists most besieged place in the entire city. If you want to enjoy St. Mark’s Square in peace, you have to get up early and book a hotel on the island. Because when the visitors of cruise ships and day tourists leave the island, an incredibly beautiful calm returns.

Places to visit in Florence in 1 day

From a geographical point of view, Florence is already located to the south rather than to the north, more precisely in Tuscany. But since I wanted to go to Florence, we took the city in Tuscany into our itinerary. In Florence, as in almost all Trips to northern Italy, it is best to walk. We started at the station and then walked across all sorts of alleys and streets towards the river Arno. On the way you will find all kinds of beautiful buildings, but in Florence one stands out especially and this is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. The cathedral was built in the 13th century. It was a technical masterpiece at that time.

The adjacent bell tower of Giotto is equally extraordinary. The cathedral can be visited, but you have to reserve tickets in advance, which we Of course did not do, which is why we saved the Tour. Instead, we went to the tower with the probably best views of the Old Town, The Tower of the former seat of government Palazzo Vecchio. The Palazzo Vecchio is located in the historic old town, a UNESCO world heritage site. On the way to the river you will always find beautiful alleys, but especially the road along the river to ponte vecchio nj delights.

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Since the shops on the Ponte Vecchio play less in my price segment, but my shopping tour was over before it even started. Then we wanted to see the sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo, where you have the best views of the entire city. The Piazzale, however, is not a secret, so you have to share the sunset very romantic with many other tourists.

What to see in lucca

A little insider tip in Upper Tuscany is a small town called Lucca. The Old Town, or the original core of the town, is surrounded by fortifications that make Lucca so special. In the 13th and 14th centuries Lucca was an important place in Italy. We had unfortunately the bad luck that it rained during our stay almost all the time, but, nevertheless, I found the place very impressive and mystical. The many medieval towers all contribute to uniqueness, and above all, the Torre Guinigi, the tower with trees on the roof.

Visitare le cinque terre

Many regions in trips to northern Italy are known for their small alleys and colourful houses, but a Region that stands out particularly is the Cinque Terre. 5 places, located directly on the coast, experience a rush like never before. The charm of the places that brings visitors from all over the world, in the coastal region to open. Since the places are extremely small and offer hardly any roads or parking, it is almost impossible to visit them with your own vehicle. We had an accommodation just outside in Chiavari and drove a day by train from place to place and another by boat.

trips to northern Italy

The towns of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore all differ by their different location, but the small, colorful houses can be found everywhere. Monterosso and Riomaggiore are the two larger places that reflect the Flair of the Cinque Terre a little less. Vernazza and Manarola are the typical postcard motifs with Port, great location on the rock and fishing boats distributed throughout the streets, because there are no other storage places for them. Corniglia is the only place that has no direct water access, so you have to take some steps here to get to the port.

Although it does not belong directly to the Cinque Terre, I can highly recommend the place Portovenere. There you will find castle walls and a lonely church on the rock. And a little tip ahead: Portovenere is best reached by boat. Also recommended is Portofino, the place of the rich. Portofino, however, is already located outside the Cinque Terre. All in all, I liked the Cinque Terre extremely well and even on the second day I had still not seen enough in the delightful places.

Northern italy road trip

I like to fly far away to discover unknown countries outside of Europe and I sometimes forget how beautiful we are in the vicinity. This trips to northern Italy road trip has shown me again how many places worth seeing our neighbouring country has to offer.

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A trips to northern Italy is the perfect summer adventure. Just drive off, feel the feeling of freedom – without a lot of planning to throw the suitcase in the car and go to the south. That’s what makes the fascination of a road trip. And which destination offers better than Bella Italia. The travel times are quite limited from Germany. And with my itinerary tip for two to three weeks, you do not have to drive twice. On the way there are rugged mountain peaks, pretty Italian villages to historic archaeological sites and major cities to see everything that the heart of any Italian fans desires.

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