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Transylvania holidays: Transylvania is certainly also known to you as the home of the vampire Dracula. But where is this mythical area actually? I tell you: as part of a Romania vacation you can explore it, because it is located right in the center of the country. A trip to Transylvania, Romania, as Transylvania is called in German, is definitely still a secret. Perfect for those who like authentic life, activities in unspoilt nature, medieval towns and mysterious castles.

Transylvania holidays

Among the different regions of Romania, holidays to transylvania is certainly one of the most exciting areas. Not only because you walk in the footsteps of Dracula and a somewhat scary feeling – especially in remote forests – always travel with you. Here it is still in part gorgeous originally, especially in the villages. For example, you can see Gypsies (Roma) with their colourful skirts and hats even today still ride on old horse carts as a means of transport. Modern technology for field work has not yet arrived here, because most of it lacks the money.

Targu Mures Romania

Târgu Mureș: photogenic center of Transilvania

Târgu Mureș is the center of Transylvania Romania, so it is a good idea to start your Transylvania holidays there. It is the capital of Mureș, one of the counties of Transilvania with the small, international Transilvania Airport and hotels in transylvania. Brasov is one of the best cities in Romania

Already from the outside, these two buildings draw all eyes on themselves. A small, pretty garden leads to the entrance of the town hall (Primăria). Inside, elaborate Details and pretty arches in the Romanian Brâncoveanu style decorate the ceilings and walls. I’d move in right now! You can climb the Tower between the town hall and the palace of culture during the day and enjoy a unique view over Târgu Mureș.

transylvania in romania

The art Nouveau Palace next door dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and is probably the most impressive building in the city.  Bay windows, mosaics and a pompous mirror room with colourful stained-glass windows from Lead Glass have repeatedly elicited an inner Wow. The Philharmonie, for which the majority of the palace’s 18 kilograms of Gold has been used, still hosts concerts, which are really affordable and beautiful with only 10 euros per ticket. Admission to the Palatul Culturii costs 12 Lei (2.50 Euro).

Romanian wine

Wine-growing in Romania transylvania?! Wouldn’t you guess, would you? But there are indeed some wineries here in the district of Mureș, which are dedicated to the cultivation of fine drops, such as the winery Villa Vinèa. From the road behind the vines, the sea is already recognizable, a large iron gate adorns the entrance.

In particular, local white wines are cultivated in the Region, such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay. With 175,000 bottles per year, this winery is one of the smaller, but has been able to clear away many prices. A wine tasting will take you through the treasures of Villa Vinèa, but you should register in advance.

Transylvania restaurant tip: Local a cool Restaurant that you would not expect in Târgu Mureș is Petry Bistro Grill & Wine. Hidden and with a pretty courtyard meat specialties from the Grill are on the menu, but the cheese plate and the baked sweet potato are highly recommended.

Holidays in Transylvania

Transylvania holidays; In Sighișoara or Schäßburg, as the city is called in German, I quickly fell in love. The recipe is simple, you take narrow streets with colourful houses, nice cafes to stop for a meal, impressive views and a Portion of history, and I am already enchanted. The picturesque town of Sighișoara meets All this.

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Convince yourself of Dracula’s existence in Transylvania

The only medieval fortress in Europe still inhabited today is the centre of Transylvania Sighișoara. It was built in the 12th century and is a World Heritage Site. Within the walls you will find all the attractions of the city. Stroll through the cobblestone streets past pastel-coloured, slanting houses, and walk in the footsteps of Dracula, because of the blood-sucking vampire, was born here in 1431. Ok, probably more of Vlad Tepes (Vlad III Drăculea), served the Irish writer Bram Stoker as the Inspiration for the character Dracula.

Transylvania Attractions

The old bell tower, whose four towers stand for blood justice, is the connection of old and new city and visible from a distance. Every hour, the characters he looks down change. If you pass it on the left, you will enjoy a fantastic view of the rooftops of the city as well as the castle behind you.

The old school staircase made of dark wood also promises a beautiful panoramic view, this time also to the fortress. It was built in 1642 with a canopy to protect pupils and parents from snow and ice in the Winter.

Holiday to transylvania: Rhédey Castle & Bezidu Nou Lake experience

On the way to Sighisoara, the Rhédey Palace, where the great mother of Queen Mary and great-great-grandmother of Elizabeth II grew up. The building itself is – frankly – not very impressive, the exhibition about the history of the village Bezidu Nou is worth a visit. Because how this village was wiped out only 30 years ago is really cruel and shocking.

Since the Vision of the former Romanian dictator Ceausescu did for his country, only large cities and not small villages, he had a dam to build, and the village then, fortunately, with advance warning, flood. Until a few years ago, the old church tower stood out from the water, but it is now – as well as the entire village – under water. A depressing idea that there has been such a tragedy here, where now a turquoise lake experience you to bathe.

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Restaurant tip: in Dracula Danes Restaurant, not far from Sighișoara, various Dracula specialties are on the menu. The typical Mici (sausage) and Polenta with cheese I have tasted and can highly recommend them.

Cazare sovata

Sovata is the green oasis of the Region and popular as a spa resort. The saline Bear Lake is an attraction that attracts many locals and tourists every day during their holidays to romania. But the surrounding area also invites you to go on wild, original nature trips. In the village itself there is a small Promenade with shops, Hotels and Restaurants in some decidedly pretty houses.

The idyllic Park above the lake occasionally hosts concerts. Some Kürtőskalács (tree stair) providers have also settled here. A specialty, whose sinful-sweet scent you should necessarily decay and let you get tempted to buy.

Sovata spa

Transylvania holidays: All right, floate might be a little exaggerated, because the salt content of the Dead Sea is not that of the Ursu Lake. 100 grams per Liter, it is on the surface, the deeper it goes down to the salt deposits in the soil, the higher the proportion is increasing. Nevertheless, the buoyancy is noticeable and the skin is already feeling softer in the water. However, if you expect refreshment, you are wrong, because due to the Heliothermie the temperatures here are between 30 and 50 degrees. Sometimes even more – especially in the depths. This is because the salt retains the sun’s heat intensified.

Transylvania holidays

Already in the 19th century Sovata became famous because of the Ursu Lake, which is now the largest solar thermal Lake in Europe.  During this time, the extraordinary Lake was created as a result of fractures and landslides (salt karst). Nowadays, bathing in Lake Bärensee is allowed between June and September, but only accessible via a paid bath. Admission costs 30 Lei. On weekends it can be quite beautiful, both in the water and on the wooden terraces, which serve as the deck surface. A part of the lake is separated, because there the healing mud is removed and used for various health-promoting treatments.

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A maximum of 30 minutes is recommended for a bath in the lake in order to fully develop the therapeutic effect. Whether gynaecological, rheumatic or dermatological diseases, the healing salt water should help with a variety of ailments.

Tivoli lake

Sovata is the ideal starting point for shorter walks or longer hiking transylvania tour. Especially around the Bear Lake, many paths lead through beautiful forests and to other lakes such as the Tivoli Lake, where you can rent a boat or let off steam in the high ropes course. Even bears, you can meet here!

A particularly atmospheric ending of the evening is a 15-minute walk to the Belvedere Tower. There is probably hardly a nicer place where you want to be at sunset in Transylvania Romania. While the evening sun bathes the dense fir forests and peaceful dormant houses in golden light, the thoughts wander into the distance. The wonderful tranquility here also contributes to this. On the way to the tower you will also pass fascinating salt formations, which are drawn like works of art on the ground.

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The surroundings of the small village of Campu Cetatii are also ideal for a break in nature. Unfortunately, the steam engine, which commutes here Daily from Sovata at my time of travel, was broken, so we had to travel by car. A small hike to the lake, and the many curious tree Égerfás tó is well worth the stumps in any case. And when you get a little hungry back to the village, you can catch your own fish at Han Pescaresc and then have them prepared by the restaurant’s chefs.

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