Tioman Island Attractions

Tioman island attractions: The Malaysia East coast, with its Islands of Tioman and the Perhentians, presents itself as a picturesque tropical Paradise: pristine beauty, beautiful beaches and a sea in surreal Turquoise shades. The islands are only three of over 200 islands around Malaysia, rising from the tropical warm waters.

Tropical island dreams on the east coast of Malaysia

The best time to travel for the east coast of Malaysia is between early March and October. While the two Perhentian Islands are more well known and therefore more visited, it is quieter on Tioman. Which of the Islands is right for you, you’ll know at the latest after this post.

How to get to Tioman Island

Arriving alone in the Malaysian island in the southeast of the country is something special. You can choose between a ferry crossing from Mersing, a speedboat or a flight with the Berjaya Airline. It is the only airline operating Tioman twice a day.

Tioman island attractions

From Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, flights are offered with a small propeller machine. Over the South China Sea, you fly straight to the East so high that you can still recognize on the water the isolated, small Mini-islands and even a sailing boat. But the real adventure is the landing approach to the island of Tioman.

In a 180° curve the landing is initiated. The tires are extended. With a good inclined position, one or the other here can be a little moldy. Continue to pass precisely between jungle and mountain walls in the direction of the airport of the island. As the runway is not very long, it is strongly braked.

Once on Tioman, most of the places such as Salang, Ayer Batang or Genting can only be reached by boat. The best way to find out which type of arrival is the best is to check in with your accommodation.

Tioman island beach

Idyllic Resorts with private beaches line the coastline of Tioman, one of Malaysia’s most beautiful islands. Tioman island attractions, Large hotel complexes can be found here in vain because the houses must not be built higher than three floors. Here it is wonderfully quiet, ideal for relaxing in original tropical surroundings. The shallow aquamarine blue waters offer refreshment and unforgettable scuba diving and snorkeling adventures at countless Spots.

In front of the Berjaya Beach Resort is the small island of Pulau Reggis. This is uninhabited and enthralled with beautiful coral gardens. Guests of the berjaya tioman resort can take a boat to the surrounding swimming islands for a small fee and start their underwater adventure from there. Tioman snorkeling equipment can be borrowed on-site. With them, you can swim not only much faster but also enjoy the buoyancy, which is relaxed, hours long

tioman island

Snorkeling is possible. You can walk around Pulau Renggis in about an hour and discover the best fish and coral island. Even reef sharks are here!

Sun beach resort tioman

marine park:

With gigantic fish swarms gently glide through the water is possible in the marine park of the island of Tioman. Directly under a jetty, a variety of colorful marine park animals swam. And a trip to monkey beach, monkey bay is also worth it. However, only during the week, as it can be full-on weekends.

Taman negara tour

Tioman island attractions: The next morning we go to the national park. Taman Negara has a long suspension bridge. Of course, we also want to go over the 450-meter-long path to tree-top height. The walk over the so-called Canopy Walkway is awesome, but quite shaky. Between the various suspension bridges there are always platforms where we can enjoy the view.

It is fascinating to be at a dizzying height of 40 meters between the trees. Running over the suspension bridge requires concentration, because once it starts to waver, it hardly stops. Standing here in the middle of the jungle among the trees reminds us of our adventure in the jungle of Laos. There we spent several days in a tree house in the rainforest. Attention, the Canopy Walkway has been closed for renovation since the end of 2018. When he is again accessible to tourists, is not yet known. It is best to inquire about the current state of affairs before you travel.

tioman resort

The sun seeks its way through the thicket and illuminates the forest beautifully. Crossing the Taman Negara National Park we also encounter nature’s artworks. It is tropical wet and hot, so we are really glad that the jungle donates a lot of shade. We walk to the summit to a viewpoint and enjoy the fantastic view over the Malaysian jungle. In the park there should also be many species of animals. Elephants, leopards and wild boar. Apart from birds, insects and monkeys we have not seen any of these animals. Back in Kuala Tahan it is time for us to say goodbye to the jungle.

Pulau tioman resort

The truly enchanting a Tioman is its dense, green jungle that dominates the interior of the island. At 1,038 meters, the top of Gunung Kajang dominates the island. Waterfalls roam from here into the sea and gather in a natural pool near Mukut, where you can cool down.

To the West and South coast, original fishing village (Kampungs) are waiting to be explored by you. You can reach them either by water taxi or on foot if you stick to the indicated paths. The three-hour hike” for a real taste of jungle ” starts at the mosque of Tekek and runs across the island to Juara. Small waterfalls, dense jungle, and maybe even encounters with exotic animals await you.

Tioman island attractions

Hotel tip: privacy, nestled in the green jungle, can be found at Tuna Maya Resort & Spa. If you have never been immersed, but are curious to try it out, you can book a trial dive at the hotel’s monkey beach for about 50 euros. The berjaya tioman resort and Bagus Place Retreat are also great accommodations. From the Dragon food Bar of Bagus Place Retreats, you can watch the sunset especially well.

Pulau perhentian package

Admittedly, the Perhentians are no longer a secret tip. Many, especially Malaysian tourists flock to the islands, especially on weekends. Unfortunately, this is also apparent in the form of waste problems, with which Kecil especially has to fight. But still, the beaches are sometimes really paradise beautiful, unspoiled nature covers the interior of the island and underwater await your impressive animal encounters.

Perhentian Besar, the larger of the two Islands, is the quieter. More going on is on Perhentian Kecil and here especially on Long Beach. Younger people, therefore, prefer Kecil, also because the accommodation here is cheaper. However, you will find the more beautiful beaches and good snorkeling spots directly from the beach on Besar.

From one island to another you come by the way with the boat, which runs several times a day between the Tioman island attractions.

Getting to the Perhentians

The starting point for your trip to Perhentian Islands is Kota Bahru. The city has an airport so you can reach it from anywhere in Malaysia, but also from Singapore, for example. Take a taxi to Kuala Besut from here. Here are the speed boats, which will take you in half an hour for about 16 euros to the islands. Tickets are available on-site.

Perhentian islands accommodation

Less accommodation, only a few Restaurants, and lush jungle await you on Perhentian Besar. From the side of the Perhentian Island resort, you have the opportunity to hike through nature to the other side. Funny black monkeys and possibly other animal inhabitants like squirrels or lizards accompany you along the way. On the long sandy beach in Flora Bay on the other side is little going on. Ideal to spend a quiet afternoon with sunbathing and swimming.

Perhentian islands

Hotel tip: to stay overnight I can recommend the Perhentian Island Resort. It was one of the first on the islands and lures only with a private beach in an idyllic bay. The finest sandy beach, palm trees blowing in the Wind and natural wooden bungalows-here it can stand very well! Tioman island attractions to the well-known Turtle Spot, which is located directly in this bay, you can easily watch with snorkel and mask armed, swimming and turtles close up. You should only watch, when here not a boat in the context of the great snorkeling tour. Then it gets a little full in the water. If you stay here at the right time, you may also be lucky enough to experience the egg-laying of the turtles on the beach.

Pulau perhentian Kecil

Tioman island attractions: As already mentioned, Kecil, the smaller of the Perhentian Islands, is the busier. So if you have to make contacts and pay more attention to your Budget, then you are right here. However, more garbage stacks up in the Hinterland than on Besar. On Kecil there is the possibility, to cross the island. Starting from Long Beach behind the Bubu Villa complex, you will reach the quieter Coral Bay. Snorkeling here is more beautiful than on the other side, but still not compare with Besar. Also, the beach is not as nice as on Long Beach but consists of many small coral reefs. The sunsets, however, are spectacular here!

Behind the Chill Out Café, there is another path that leads you to a great vantage point and rewards you with a great view of a lagoon.

When the little Hunger comes, I can recommend the Earth Café food of Bubu village. Here there are fine dishes from Western cuisine if your desire for Asian is just not so great. But the grilled fish always tastes delicious, especially if you can stick your feet in the Sand and watch the horizon in the evening by candlelight. You can eat good and cheap Malaysian and Chinese at Ewan Café. The atmosphere is not necessarily idyllic, but the Restaurant is always very well visited.

Perhentian kecil accommodation

Hotel tip: The Bubu Resort, or the Bubu village located on Long Beach of Perhentian Kecil. As they are located on the edges of the beach, you will also find here in search of peace and relaxation. The Bubu village are more expensive, luxurious and quiet than the Resort, as the jetty is further away. The Resort is also recommended, especially if you are looking for a second-floor room with a sea view.

Especially to the heart, I want you the Small Island snorkel trip, you can book in Bubu Hotels even if you are not a guest. With a small group, you will explore three snorkeling spots that are not driven by any other Trips. Three hours of snorkeling adventure with Nemo’s, parrotfish, turtles, sharks, huge Napoleon fish, stingrays (yellow with blue dots), and countless other colorful fish!

Malaysia East coast

Important tips for your stay on the Perhentians

There is no ATM on both islands. So you should bring enough cash to pay for your accommodation, restaurant visits, snorkeling trips, etc. If you need Wi-Fi, the Perhentian Islands may not be such a good idea, because the reception is rather mad.

Tioman island attractions; If you like scuba diving or snorkeling or just want to let the soul relax wander, then a few days on the island are just right for you. Or maybe you’ve been there before? Do you still have a good tip for us?

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