Niagara Falls Holidays Canada

Niagara falls holidays: Every time someone asks me if I’ve been to Canada, I refuse. That’s not true at all, as I always remember later. On one of my trips to the US, the Niagara Falls were on the program, which is both in the US and in Canada. But from which side does the natural wonder come into its own? You will find out more about this and more in this travelogue!

Niagara falls holidays

During my research on the Internet for this blog article, I noticed that a large part of the travel reports recommends a journey via the Canadian city of Toronto. From there you can get to the Niagara falls holidays by car or bus in one and a half hours and two hours and you do not have to cross a border. However, my girlfriend and I came from the US side and started the rental car from Buffalo Airport to the waterfalls. After a large part of the hotels (as well as ours) on the Canadian side, so we had to pass a border control on us but this took place surprisingly quickly and easily.

What To See In Niagara Falls

Now briefly a few geographic and historical details of the Niagara Falls, which I find very interesting. The waterfalls are fed by the Niagara River, which connects the two lakes Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. At the Niagara Falls, the river plunges 57 meters into the depth, forcing vessels to detour over a canal twelve kilometers away. The origin of the falls goes back to the end of the last glacial period about 12,000 years ago when the last glaciers in the area melted and overflowed Lake Erie, which in turn gave rise to the Niagara River. The waters of the river have been spilling over the Niagara stratification to Lake Ontario ever since. The Niagara Falls “erode” by the erosion of soft shale rock constantly towards Lake Erie – since its creation already about eleven kilometers! To slow down this geological phenomenon and at the same time use the water masses for power generation, part of the river is diverted to power plants.

Niagara Falls Description

This paragraph is very important to me because I would like to tell you something about my past expectations of Niagara falls holidays and the reality on the ground. In my head, I had the beautiful waterfalls with lots of nature around – so a very romantic idea. When you arrive, maybe at first you will feel like me and you do not trust your eyes.

holidays to niagara

The Niagara Falls are, despite their huge dimensions, only a small part of the landscape, nestled between casinos, observation towers, hotels, restaurants, bars, amusement parks, and other tourist frills. The whole setting reminds a bit of Las Vegas, just without pomp and neon signs. This fact may also be the reason why the Niagara Fals were not included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Niagara Falls Accommodation

As much as the less attractive environment of the waterfalls bothered me, a visit to Niagara Falls is still a highlight, if you ignore everything around it. We had planned an overnight stay, which I thought was very useful for the overall experience. Of course, if you only want to do a day trip to Niagara Falls, that’s not wrong. If you like my girlfriend and I want to stay overnight, then grab something more in the purse and take a hotel with a view of the falls – in my view, this is necessary to get the most out of a visit. It’s just fantastic to sit by the picture window and admire Niagara Falls from above in both daylight and evening lighting. If you want to treat yourself to a bottle of wine, then look for a nearby liquor store via Google Maps or with the recommendation of the hotel to obtain affordable alcohol (do not forget to take your passport or ID card).

Niagara Attractions

Locally I recommend you to park your car in the hotel or on a day trip on one of the many parking lots and do everything on foot. On the Canadian side, there is a wonderful panoramic path with the best views of the falls and you can get close to the water. The Rainbow Bridge takes you to the side of the USA and, as a pedestrian, is much faster at passport control than motorists.

niagara on the lake

No matter which country you are in, you have to take a boat trip up close to the falls (see pictures below). The brave can also descend the Cave of the Winds attraction over a jetty next to the American Falls – but you’re guaranteed to get completely wet. But now I show you with a selection of photos of my experiences at the Niagara Falls! Witness Canada’s natural wonder in with a Niagara falls holiday.

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