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Nassau bahamas beaches; A perfect three-day Bahamas cruise from Miami. Three nights on the ship, twice, island fever, and in between ship-romance. Well, once you’re in Miami and have enough time, this is the experience. But be careful: a Bahamas cruise is not the same as a Bahamas cruise. Depending on the shipping company – Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC, Carnivalthe island destinations differ-after all, it has over 700 islands to choose from.

Where are the Bahamas? 

We chose Royal Caribbean, with the first stop in Coco Cay, and a second stop in the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau (the island is called New Providence). The entry into the port of Nassau was the factor ship-romance. Sunrises on the sea are simply unique.

Island tours nassau bahamas

In the morning we wanted to discover the historic heart of Nassau and rushed into the colorful harbor mug. Soon we found ourselves amid a whimsical mixture of island charm, colorful colonial buildings, and Historic Places. The streets are pretty, but a little characterless, since most buildings contain tourist shops and are hardly used to. One of the most visited sights in the center is the 65-level Queen’s Staircase, which was struck in the 16th century by slaves from solid limestone. Arriving at the top, it is only a stone’s throw away to the Ford Fincastle, from where a perfect view of the city can be enjoyed.

Nassau bahamas beaches

Another Fort, Fort montagu beach is located just outside the city. We also found that you are being guided around the Forts. My objection, that we had little time and wanted to explore the facility itself, was overheard. Perhaps I should have tried more vigorously.

Our program also included a detour to the Adastra Gardens, famous for its Flamingos Nassau bahamas beaches. Honestly, guys, let it stay. The visit is only worth standing on trained birds. It’s not the case with me.

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In the afternoon we went on walking distance Paradise Island. The 6.5 km long and 800 m wide island is located in front of Nassau and is connected with the city with two bridges. On top of it is the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort – a huge and seemingly glamorous hotel complex including various theme parks and water landscapes. I had a short walk through the public part of the complex including Burger and ice stop and we were away again. For other people, visiting the Nassau water park is the highlight of the cruise.

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Back to Nassau, we took the water taxi. If you do something in Nassau necessarily, water taxi then this! During the cruise along the shore of Paradise Island, entertaining information about Nassau bahamas beaches and Paradise Island is told.

Maybe you realize it, Nassau and I didn’t make friends. I lacked a tangible character. On the one hand, a very exciting colonial history and national pride, and on the other side of this artificial posh-tourism (the hoity-toity doesn’t appear to me not so). It doesn’t fit all together yet.

Barbados holidays

My September program was packed with trips and so I didn’t find time to write the whole last week. The great thing is that I have discovered a lot of new places and I look forward to sharing all these experiences with you. But before I start with it, I want to finish my Caribbean adventure first, because there are still two of the islands that are controlled.

On the second last day of the cruise in Barbados on the program. Barbados is located a little away from the Windward Belt and was therefore settled rather late in comparison to the other Caribbean islands. Today, Bridgetown accommodation is one of the largest and most prosperous Caribbean capitals with around 110,000 inhabitants. A trip to the city is worth it. There is a perfect Waterfront with cafes, business Street, various markets, a cathedral, palm trees and an old synagogue.

Barbados holidays

Barbados has two separate sides and therefore it is worth to explore by car the south-western and north-eastern half of the island. Since we only spent a few hours here, we booked the “Coast to Coast Scenic Drive”. For a possible next time, I would take a rental car.

In Bridgetown and the following coastal towns, the sea is typically Caribbean light blue and quiet. Along this coast, there are also numerous Hotels on the Nassau bahamas beaches. We made the first stop in Holetown. There is a monument that commemorates the first English settlers who landed here in 1625. Once you leave the coastal road, you first pass plantation landscapes that have shaped the history of Barbados and today’s prosperity. Then follow small villages surrounded by tropical forests.

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In Bathsheba, on the Atlantic coast, we stopped for lunch. The sea is seen here from a completely different side. Rough surf washes around the Nassau bahamas beaches and anyone who dares to get into the water should be especially skilled on the one hand and on the other hand know where currents appear, because otherwise bathing is better to refrain. We first enjoyed a Rum at the Atlantis Hotel and then walked along the beach and marveled at the diverse rock creations along the coast. The last stop was St. John’s church on the program, from where there is a unique view over the eastern and south-eastern coast to enjoy.

Barbados was the most diverse and colorful of all the islands we visited during this cruise. I found especially the island interior with the rain forest and the many small watercourses lovely. Unfortunately, we had to travel again after almost 7 hours of island experience.

Nassau bahamas beaches

Nassau as the gateway to the Bahamas lies on the island of New Providence Island. The island serves as a base for island hopping between the Bahamas and exploring the local island world. Most of Bahamas vacationers choose New Providence Island because here is the capital Nassau and the tourist center Paradise Iceland that you can reach from Nassau over a bridge. Nassau bahamas beaches; Cable Beach, Sandyport Beach or Saunders Beach are just a few of the many beaches. Nassau has always retained its charm over the centuries, and is the beating heart of the Bahamas, with many historic buildings still to be found here.

Downtown Nassau

The main street in Nassau Bay Street with many shops and restaurants – ideal for strolling. Shopping is very popular here in Nassau, as it is a duty-free zone. If you take half a day, you can see a lot in downtown Nassau.

Right next to the city center of Nassau you will also find the harbor, where many large cruise ships regularly create, most of them from Miami / Florida. Many travelers are therefore only a few hours in the Bahamas and spend this time in the capital before the cruise continues.

Nassau bahamas beaches: The longest beach on the island is Cabbage beach and very popular with tourists. That is why you will find most of the hotels, each with its beach. With 210,000 inhabitants, the capital of the more than 700 Bahamas Islands is also the largest city in the Bahamas and has many colonial remnants. Anyone who appreciates culture should take a look at the Parliament building, the government building and the courthouse, which are worth seeing due to their special architectural design.

grand bahama island

Right on the harbor, you can have your hair styled in the Hair Braiding Center. Your hair will be braided in a variety of ways, but beware, that’s not as cheap as it seems at first glance. Before you ask for the total price!

Interesting and exciting is the pirate museum. A historic fortress, the Fort Fincastle, is also a highlight: it was built in the 18th century and still sits enthroned on Mount Bennet. The Bahamas Historical Society Museum and the Pompey Museum also offer relics of the past. A monastery overlooks the port of Nassau.

Nassau Attractions

Fishing, diving, sailing, golf, water sports – all of these activities are available in the near vicinity of Nassau. The coast before Nassau is a paradise for diving and snorkeling with its indescribably diverse underwater world. There is also plenty of opportunity for wreck diving. The famous Atlantis Hotel and other luxurious hotels can be found on the small island of Paradise Island, which is located in front of Nassau.

Her story is presented interactively in the Pirate Museum on George Street in Nassau. Already at the entrance a one-eyed pirate tries to behead a tourist, and so it goes on inside with many scenes from the life of the buccaneer. At the heart of the exhibition is a replica of the most famous ship of the 18th century, the “Revenge”, in its original size.

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The Ardastra Gardens are a popular destination with their zoo and are especially famous for their flamingos, Clifton heritage park. As you climb the Queen’s staircase carved by limestone slaves, the Queen’s Staircase with its 65 steps onto Bennet’s Hill, you are reminded of the slavery times of the late 18th century on the island. It is the most visited attraction in Nassau.

Equally worth seeing are Montagu beach, Fort Charlotte, Fort Montagu, and Fort Fincastle. You should plan a trip to Straw Market (straw market), where you have the opportunity to marvel at and purchase all sorts of straw goods – such as straw bags, bags, baskets and anything else you can make from straw. You can even watch production and embroidery. Do not forget to act and haggle in this market, if a price is given to you, that is also expected by travelers. Or you simply enjoy the hustle and bustle on the market.

Junkanoo parades

A very special trip is a trip to the Over the Hill area. Here, the locals make costumes for the two Junkanoo parades, held on December 26th and New Year. In addition to the magnificent costumes, one also experiences the typical drum music. This cultural festival has nothing to do with a carnival but is a tradition from the time of slavery.

Recommended hotels can be found in Nassau, on the offshore island Paradise Island and right on the beautiful, long and white beach Cable Beach.

The archipelago of the Bahamas is located southeast of Florida and northeast of Cuba in the Atlantic. Although none of the islands of the island state and none of the 2400 coral reefs, the so-called Cays, border on the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas are counted to the Caribbean. Only 30 of the more than 700 islands are inhabited. At just under 6,000 square kilometers, the island of Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas.

What to do in Nassau

However, most of the inhabitants are home to the much smaller islands of New Providence and Grand Bahama, each with 210,000 and 47,000 inhabitants. More than three quarters of the total population live in the capital Nassau, which is located on the island of New Providence. Since the Bahamas is a former British colony, English is the official language.

Nassau – The center of the Bahamas

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, magically attracts tourists. With almost 250,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in the Bahamas. Noteworthy is the colonial charm of the city and its buildings. Absolutely worth seeing are the parliament building as well as the court and government building, which were built around 1800. If you want to know something about the buccaneer of the seas, like Blackbeard or Charles Vane and Jack Rackham, go to the pirate museum of the city.

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The history of the Bahamas shows the Bahamas Historical Society Museum. Here, the visitor learns everything about the time before Christopher Columbus up to the present. By the way: Nassau is not a sleepy island test. On the contrary, the city on the island of New Providence is the traffic, trade and banking center of the Bahamas. Here is the international airport, clifton heritage park the most important in the Bahamas, as well as a haven worth seeing, the large cruise ships and noble yachts run in equal numbers and in large numbers.

Nassau activities

Nassau is historically not only with the Dutch-British King William III. which comes from the house Oranien-Nassau, which explains the name of the city. The city is especially known for its pirates, who often took refuge here during eventful history. Therefore, there are many fortresses in the area, to which a trip is worthwhile. On the hill Bennet is the fortress Fincastle. It towers over Nassau. The most interesting of the three Nassau fortresses is Fort Charlotte. Famous is the fortress for the waterless moat and the drawbridge, its ramparts and the dungeons. Outstanding is the view of the Nassau harbor. Fort Montagu is known for its terraced cistern. It holds 30 tons of water, absorbs the rain and dissipates excess turquoise waters. The fortress is equipped with cannons: eight 18-pounders, three 9-pounders and at least six 6-pounders. Queen’s Staircase, the queen’s 65-step staircase, tops the list of attractions in Nassau. Slaves carved the 31-meter-high staircase in 1794 with axes of heavy limestone. Next to it is a waterfall, by the way, the only one in the Bahamas. If you want to take the typical straw souvenirs home as a souvenir, you have to go to a typical straw market. Here the women of the island sell dolls, bags and baskets of dried and woven sisal and palm leaves.

Beaches Nassau

Blue, clear as crystal and warm is the turquoise waters on the Nassau bahamas beaches. Fine, white sand is practically the trademark of the beaches bahamas in the Bahamas and also around Nassau. For every temperament there is the right beach: from busy and abundant equipped with restaurants and cafes to secluded and quiet. The most beautiful beach is Cabbage Beach. About 5 kilometers long, this sandy beach on the island of Paradise Iceland, which is opposite the port Nassau and can be reached via two bridges.

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At the eastern end are the hotels Atlantis and Riu.Etwa 5 kilometers west of the Nassau city center is Cable Beach, the largest beach on New Providence. These beaches are very busy, there are plenty of beach vendors and landlords of Jet Ski.Etwas quiet it goes about 11 kilometers from downtown Nassau. Here is Caves Beaches bahamas. Another 3 kilometers away is Love Beach. This beach is very popular with snorkelers water sports. Those looking for seclusion, on the beaches Jaws Beach and Flipper Beach in good hands. Here, on the western part of New Providence, you have more and more sand for yourself.

Temperatures in Nassau

Climate in Nassau: The temperatures in Nassau are mild and pleasant all year round. The average temperature of the entire year is 24.6 ° Celsius. The warmest month of the year is July with an average of 27.9 ° Celsius. The coolest is January. In the month, the average temperature is still bearable 21.1 ° Celsius. The highest water temperature in Nassau is a whopping 29 ° Celsius. Nassau bahamas beaches, pleasant bathing is possible. Because: At least 21 ° Celsius is the water temperature in all months of the year. The annual precipitation results in a quantity of 1,360 millimeters. Nassau records an average of 147 days of precipitation a year. The rainy season falls on the months of June, August and October. The rainy season is considered to be months with more than 175 millimeters of precipitation. Rainfall averages 625 millimeters during the entire rainy season. April is the month with the most hours of sunshine. In the month the sun shines on average 9.2 hours Not even a whole two hours less the sun shines in Nassau in the annual average. Because it emits an average of 7.9 hours a day.

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