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Namibia holidays, Infinite widths, ivory white to blood-orange luminous dune landscapes and sunset perfection; Namibia enchanted me with its multi-faceted landscape during the first days of our road trip. And also in the further course of our trip, Namibia does not sting with animal and landscape highlights. Before I describe in detail in a blog post about our Namibia Roadtrip, I would like to show you here as the mood of our nine highlights.

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Sossusvlei Namibia

The first stop of our tour took us to Namibia’s famous “Sossusvlei” salt pan surrounded by huge dunes. The dune landscape is part of a national park whose access is via the small town of Sesriem. The park has only two accommodation options – on the Sesriem Camp Site and in the Sossus Dune Lodge. The advantage of spending the night in the park is that you can set off for Sossusvlei (which is around 60 kilometers from the park entrance) an hour before sunrise. So there is a good chance to admire the sunrise from one of the dunes (particularly popular sunrise viewpoint is the “dune 45”).

Our Namibia accommodation was outside the gate directly at the park entrance. So we had to wait until dawn – only then will the gates be opened. But even so, the trip to Sossusvlei was an unforgettable experience – these colors! Wow! By the way, what is worthwhile is the ascent to the highest dune in the region. Even though “Big Daddy” has demanded a few beads of sweat, it is definitely worth the view of the dune landscape. Who is traveling before 10 clocks in the morning, is spared even in the cloudless sky from too much heat.

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Namib Desert

We stayed in Sesriem in a wonderfully free-standing self-contained cabin, part of the Desert Quiver Camp – the perfect place to admire the sparkling starry sky. Due to the low light pollution and the wide landscape, the Namib desert offers excellent conditions to observe the night sky. The region is one of the certified Dark Sky reserves.

Namib Safari

Most safari tourists have the “Big Five” in their sights. But in addition to elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, lions, and leopards, many fascinating creatures in Namibia holidays remain hidden from untrained eyes. Following a tip from @klaeui, we searched for the “Little Big 5” on the Living Desert Tour near Swakopmund. On this half-day tour, you will set off in small groups with two knowledgeable guides for a hunt and look for the small inhabitants of the Namib Desert. From harmless slow-slugs to venomous vipers, we discovered all sorts of interesting things between dunes and thorn bushes this morning. A tour that I can recommend to anyone who wants to deal in depth with the habitat of the Namib Desert.

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Visit one of the largest seal colonies in the world

“Will it stink like that, as it is written in various places,” I asked myself in advance to our trip to the Cross Cape. I could quickly answer that question with “yes” after opening the car door. The taste is indeed getting used to (but sustainable). For this one sees here seals in bulk. The nature reserve at the Cross Cape 130 kilometers north of Swakopmund is home to around 250,000 South African fur seals. The cape is accessed by a closed wooden walkway, from which the spectacle can be observed. The only challenge here is to get over the path to the sidewalk without a seal attack.

Damaraland Camp

Who would have thought that I would experience my first pool day in a decade in the middle of a remote African bush landscape? The sparsely populated Damaraland is home to the San and Damara. Two groups of peoples, who are among the oldest in the country. Among the main attractions of the region include the traditional craft, the rock paintings at Twyfelfontein and the monumental rock finger Ā«VingerklipĀ». Originally we wanted to stay in a lodge near Twyfelfontein, which was booked out early and ended up being “in the middle of nowhere” at Huab Lodge. With luck, free-living desert elephants can be seen around the lodge. But even if the legendary giants do not show, the Huab Lodge is despite their location away from the sights a good choice. We have here surrounded by chirping birds a relaxing pool day including massage.

Etosha National Park

Like the Kruger national park in South Africa, Namibia holidays the Etosha National Park can also be explored as a self-drive. We got a map right on the first day and then followed the well-signposted gravel roads to the waterholes. What is impressive in the Etosha National Park are the big herds of animals – but also the coming and going at the waterholes. Instead of “driving off” everything, it is worthwhile to stay longer in some places and observe the events all around. We especially liked the water holes “Aus” and “Goa”, where we were able to observe elephants as well as zebras and various antelope species at the same time.

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Namibia tours

Many classic Namibia tours have the Etosha National Park as the northernmost point of travel. On our Namibia holidays road trip, we pushed our way further north to the impressive river landscapes in the border area between Namibia and Angola. Here, the sluggishly flowing Okavango forms the natural border between the two countries. The wildlife around the Okavango is best explored from a boat early in the morning or just before sunset.

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