Mykonos Greece Holidays

Mykonos Greece holidays; With its beautiful winding streets and picturesque port, Mykonos town is for me absolute wanderlust within Europe. The flair of the charming old town, the nightlife and the diverse beaches with crystal clear water have particularly impressed me. The island of Mykonos is perfect for Mykonos beach lovers, night owls and those interested in culture.

An island for little explorers

Although the choice of attractions is low, the island has much to offer. The landmark of the island, e.g. are the five old windmills Katao Mili, which are found directly in Mykonos Greece holidays. Little Venice, which is only two minutes away from the windmills, should not be missed on an island visit.

For culture lovers worth a half-day trip to the neighboring island of Delos. Especially for the island is an archaeological site with some 3000-year-old ruins, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Those who want to discover and experience the island, preferably travel by rental car. So you can explore the different and diverse beaches well and other destinations on the island are within easy reach. If you do not want to drive, you can easily take the bus as an alternative or discover the beaches with a hop-on hop-off boat. A small detour to the northern tip of the island to Cape Armenistis should not be missing on the travel agenda. Here is the lighthouse of the same name Armenistis, from where the view is particularly good to Tinos, Andros and Syros can wander.

Where To Stay In Mykonos

A little tip from me at this point. Car hire travelers who like me have booked a hotel in Mykonos town should not underestimate the narrow streets. I was always very happy when no oncoming traffic came because this was very narrow sometimes. Alternatively to the rental car, there are also quads and Vespas.

Mykonos Greece holidays

As a starting point for my holiday experiences, I have booked a room in the Mykonos View Hotel. About 8 minutes on foot from the old town, the hotel towers on a hill. The level of the situation should not be underestimated. That one is good on foot should be a prerequisite to master the stairs well. The view from the restaurant and the pool compensated everything.

Already at breakfast, I have the great luck to enjoy the view of the sea and I have the best overview of which ship has anchored in the harbor today. In the evening, the breathtaking sunset from the pool terrace should not be missed.

Mykonos Food

Also culinary, the island has much to offer. A wide variety of restaurants can be found in Mykonos Greece holidays, either directly on the harbor or in the winding streets. The restaurant prices are in the city rather lifted, like everything in Mykonos. If you want something cheaper food should do this outside.

Also above Mykonos town, many restaurants are located along the main road. Here we discovered the Oregano Cook & Grill for us. A very authentic tavern, because here not only tourists come in, but also Greeks, who make up a large part of the guests.

mykonos town

From Greek salad to mezze to gyros and souvlaki, here you can get all the Greek specialties you can imagine at very reasonable prices. (Gyros for example 10 EUR)

Cozy bars with great views are located in little Venice in the “Kastro Viertel”, where you can watch the beautiful sunset in the evening during a cocktail. My favorite bars were Caprice and Baos. Dream dancers make the night here to the day and enjoy the best view of the sea. But beware, if there is a high tide your feet may get wet on the way there. If you want to enter with dry feet, you are welcome to take the back entrance.

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