Lofoten Islands Holidays

Lofoten islands holidays: There are places in this world that trigger in the body of this exciting tingling tension of anticipation. Lofoten islands in Northern Norway is one of them. We have long dreamed of a Lofoten vacation. Where unspoiled nature meets picturesque fishing villages on deep blue fjords, natural spectacles such as Northern Lights and Midnight Sun provide incredible wonder and lure unforgettable experiences.

Lofoten Islands Holidays

Lofoten holidays

80 gorgeous islands as in the picture book await you on the Lofoten islands. When the sun shines out of the sky in clear air, the Norwegian archipelago shows its most beautiful side. Even if there are nine months of Winter here, the islands unfold extraordinary magic, especially in this season.

The rough rocks are covered by a glittering layer of snow, the Blue of the sky and the water emits an intense and warm the fishermen’s huts, even more, coziness comes

Once you’ve set foot on the Lofoten islands, your unforgettable charm will enchant you. Speaking of food, did you know that Lofoten means “Lynx foot“? “Lofot” is the original name of the island Vestvågøy, and with some imagination, you can see a foot in the outlines of the island chain.


For us the most charming of all villages: Hamnøy. This oldest fishing village of lofoten islands consists of only a few houses, most of which are original fishing huts. We also stayed two nights in one of these dark red wooden houses and were able to observe from the window fascinating how the sun immerses the surrounding mountains in a gentle, northern lights in the evening.


Beautiful accommodation in Hamnøy for your Lofoten islands holidays

Eliassen Rorbuer Resort is the perfect place to experience the history of Lofoten. Because here in the traditional fishing huts (Rorbuer), where fishermen from all over the country used to sleep during the world’s largest Cod festival, you also spend wonderful nights. Two bedrooms, some with bunk beds, a living room including a kitchen and a bathroom with underfloor heating provide pleasant comfort. Some cabins offer fantastic views of the Reinefjord, Hamnøy Harbour and the surrounding mountains.

By the way, you can find such Rorbuer in almost every place on Lofoten. They are probably the most beautiful way to delve into the history of the archipelago.

Krambua Restaurant

Just a few meters from Eliassen Rorbuer, the restaurant Krambua is hidden. If you like to fish, you can here, among other things, catch fresh halibut, anglerfish or cod. But also our reindeer stew was simply delicious! In addition to the cuisine, the restaurant’s historic location is unique. The house dates back to 1882 and was formerly used as a Post office, prayer house, and drugstore.

Today, the restaurant exudes above all one thing: coziness

Along with the warm nature of the owner, Micke, and Noemi the perfect base for a wonderful evening during your lofoten package holidays in Krambua. How hospitable the two are, was shown during our visit. I had only asked for a tip for the best cinnamon nodes of Lofoten, since Micke immediately offered to bake these very fresh especially for us and to let us participate in the production process.

Krambua Restaurant

After a short time, the seductive scent of cinnamon and cardamom filled the Restaurant, and we were allowed to taste the warm, sweet particles. So, if you visit Krambua, then like to give the two dear greetings from the two German cinnamon knot lovers!


Only one bridge separates the small island of Sakrisøy from Hamnøy. As soon as we get out of the car, one immediately becomes noticeable: the smell of fish. The reason for this is clear. Countless fish and fish heads hang here from February to April on specially constructed wooden frames. The Skrei Cod or even stockfish is dried in the months of the wintry cold. This tradition of preservation dates back to the Vikings. The heads of the codfish, on the other hand, are exported to Nigeria and used there for special fish soup.

Sakrisøy from Hamnøy

The special charm of this fishing village, but it’s color

Most of the wooden houses, partly standing on stilts, are painted here in a cheerful good-mood-yellow. Also known from Social Media, the yellow house in front of a majestic mountain is located here. It is by no means lonely and far away from the other houses, the perspective makes it!

Reine Lofoten

Reine is considered one of the most beautiful places of Lofoten islands and should, of course, be on the list for your Lofoten tour. He was even named the most beautiful place in the world. Although pure is without question extremely picturesque, we have fallen in love with Hamnøy and Sakrisøy.

The classic photo stop is just left when you turn to Reine before crossing the bridge. Breathtaking views from a bird’s eye view promise a hike on the approximately 450 meters high Reinebringen, which, however, steep and sometimes slightly slippery leads the mountain.

Lofoten islands holidays

In Winter this hike is therefore not possible. A good Alternative is a small Tour high up to the water reservoir on the right before you turn off at the intersection to pure. From here you can also enjoy a fantastic view of the fjords, curved bridges, and colorful wooden houses.

The place itself is quiet. There are only a handful of breakfast cafes and restaurants as well as a supermarket. For this purpose, it is possible to enjoy wonderful Lofoten islands holidays in the summer and explore the area in the Reinefjord ski or by bike. In Winter, the surrounding ski slopes await you.

Nusfjord rorbuer

Another authentic fishing village lies on the southern coast as you continue west. Already the ride through snow-covered valleys, past giant rock walls and frozen lakes is spectacular. Also here in Nusfjord you can spend the night in traditional fishing huts from the 18th and 19th centuries and enjoy the seclusion.

Almost 40 Rorbuer still exist in the village, which is inhabited in Winter by fishermen. Nusfjord is one of the best-preserved fishing villages of the Lofoten.

Nusfjord rorbuer

Our tip: in the agricultural trade, a mixed goods shop, you will find all sorts of Mitbringsel, typical Norwegian sweater or rain jackets. It used to be a meeting place for a chat and smaller purchases. Next to it is a cozy Café with a fairy-tale view of the Fjord. A rustic Restaurant is the Karoline, which unfortunately was closed during our visit. And if you’re looking for accommodation here, choose Nusfjord Arctic Resort.


Leknes is located in the Southern Center of Lofoten. We got there and started our exploration tour to the Western Lofoten Islands. The place has not much to offer, except for the best cinnamon snails of Lofoten and beautiful sunsets, if you go out on the E10 a little and stop on the left at the small port. But that’s probably reason enough for at least one stop, isn’t it?

In cinnamon buns-heaven in a Sans Og Samling

If I had to name my favorite cafe on the Lofoten, it would be this one. The atmosphere is incredibly homey and relaxed. A bit of the Sans Og Samling reminds me of a Café like grandma’s living room in Berlin. It is best to cuddle with a fine coffee and a super-delicious cinnamon snail or one of the lunch dishes on one of the cozy Sofas. For us a Must-stop for every Lofoten islands holidays.

On a coffee-stop at Huset Kafé

Nice Café with delicious coffee and a tempting selection of cakes. Here you can also work wonderfully or, thanks to free Wi-Fi in your travel planning to experiment. Especially recommended: feast the hot chocolate with Marshmallows on the bench covered with skins and pillows. You can also buy souvenirs typical of the country or a small souvenir for yourself at the counter filled with goodies.


Once you’ve left the E10, the landscape changes. The partly narrow road winds along the rocks, on the right side, are smaller islands that rise from the Blue Ocean. In the end, a traffic light stops the traffic noise. Only one bridge separates you from the Venice of Lofoten.

Henningsvær in Vestfjord

The cheerful fishing village of Henningsvær in Vestfjord is spread over several small islands. Here you can simply drive through the alleyways, passing the harbor, colorful street style and a handful of shops with warm clothes and typical travel souvenirs. If you are interested in art, visit the exhibition at the caviar Factory.

Between February and the end of April, there is a high season in Henningsvær fishing. The last boats sail in the evening sun with their fresh start to the port, which is already fully occupied this season. A beautiful picture!

Cake feast in Henningsvær

You can hardly miss the Henningsvær Lysstøperi and Cafe. It is located on the “main road”, which leads through a clear place. In the afternoon, go to this cosy Café and let yourself be seduced by the wide selection of cakes. Screw, Cheesecake or berry pie cinnamon: you will be here to run the mouth water!

The end of the world-ok, not the world, but at least the Lofoten, bears the simple name Å. 10 kilometers West of Reine, the main road E10 ends here in a cul-de-SAC. Only about 100 inhabitants live in Å, which means Bach. If you are interested in Norwegian fishing, you will get exciting insights into this important part of Norwegian culture at the Norwegian Fishing Village and Stockfisch Museum.

One of the reasons why we visited this beautiful place was not its Potential for a postcard motif, but the bakery Bakeries på Å, in which according to a traditional recipe seductive cinnamon knots and delicious bread come directly from the old oven. Unfortunately, it was closed during our visit. However, we did not regret the varied ride along the panoramic road to the western end of Lofoten islands holidays!


Svolvær is the capital and largest city of Lofoten. Hotels, supermarkets, a shopping mall, and numerous cafes and restaurants are located here – also to welcome the guests of the Hurtigruten at their landing. In Winter, between the beginning of September and the end of March, from Svolvær excursions will be offered by boat, where you can at best see Orca.

An attraction in Svolvær will certainly delight you: the Magic Ice Bar including the ice gallery. Before you enter the cold chamber at -6 degrees, you will be wrapped in a warm Poncho and gloves. Inside you will find impressive works of art and even a slide made of ice.

Lofoten islands holidays

On the Bar menu is Cocktails called “Aurora Boreal”, “Arctic Fire” or ” Orca“

The entrance fee is NOK 195 (about 20 Euro). A Welcome Drink with the typical Crow berries served in a glass of ice cream is included. An unforgettable Arctic experience!

Our tip: from Svolvær you can make some highly recommended tours, such as a sailing trip to Trollfjord, one of the most famous fjords of Lofoten. On this fun Cruise, you can catch your fish for lunch. Or maybe you want a Kayak adventure of the class? During this trip, you paddle through some of the most beautiful fjords of Norway, namely at Skrova in the little Hawaii of Lofoten islands holidays!

Svolvær accommodation

A 10-minute drive from Svolvær we have in the most beautiful accommodation in Lofoten our home related to time. With great attention to Detail, you live at the Nyvagar Rorbu hotel in a cosy atmosphere on a quiet Fjord.

The restaurant serves hot waffles and coffee in the afternoon, fine fish dishes and other local specialties in the evening. And best of all: there is a Sauna with a sea view and access to the cold wet. I didn’t let myself take it and jumped in after I had heated up properly. Gorgeous, and not even so cold!

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