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Lakes Switzerland; Guys, believe us. In Switzerland, it is not just about cheese, chocolate, and watches. Some lakes are incredible. From these beautiful turquoise lakes, you can not leave your eyes. Let’s present to you at this point the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.Did you know that there are 1,484 lakes in Switzerland? And now it’s time to pass on the knowledge to you! If you plan your trip to Switzerland, you might want to include some of these lakes in your itinerary! Let’s start!

Lakes in Switzerland

Lakes in Switzerland lake

Alpine lake

Alpine lake is one of the most beautiful largest lakes in Switzerland! Lakes Switzerland; To admire this beautiful mountain lake, drive to Arosa and park your car in Hörnli. If you rent a car, take the train to Arosa, and take the free Bus from Arosa train station Hörnli. Now you have two options. It would be to hike up to the Älplisee.

Lakes Switzerland

The entire route takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. You’ll even pass another beautiful lake called Schwellisee. Another way to see the Älplisee is to take the cable car to the hörnli hut. More information can be found here. The option with the cable car is much easier since you only have about 40 minutes to descend to Älplisee and then need half an hour to the parking lot.


One of our favorite lakes in Switzerland is certainly the Urdensee. It’s color, its environment, its tranquility. Everything is perfect! The good news is that Lake Älplisee and Lake Urdensee can be admired on the same hiking trail! If you ride with the cable car to the hörnli hut, consider a 30-minute hike down to the Bodensee.


If you also want to see the Älplisee, you have to go back to the cable car station and continue the hiking trail towards Älplisee. Don’t worry, in Switzerland, everything is well marked. Just follow the signs!

Lake constance

Lake Constance, the largest city and vibrant center of the Lake Constance region of Lake Constance, brings culture, nature, business and science in harmony and combines tradition and modernity, quality of life and excellence, art and shopping. The historic old town with picturesque streets invites you to a leisurely shopping spree, the harbor with southern flair and stunning lake and Alpine scenery for strolling and the gastronomy for unlimited enjoyment. Numerous highlights such as the legendary Fasnacht, the Seenachtfest or the Christmas market as well as top destinations such as the Mainau or a boat trip on Lake Constance also surprise visitors all year round with their unique experiences.

Lake klöntal

Lake Klöntal is a beautiful lake in the canton of Glarus. In summer you can water sports in the lakes Switzerland and hike in the surrounding mountains. Park your car near the lake and climb 20 minutes to the viewpoint sponge height. The view is spectacular!

Lake klöntal

Swiss lakes

Spell alpsee

The spell alpsee is a fantastic Hiking destination. It is located south of Lake Lucerne, near Engelberg. Take the cable car to the lake and walk around the lake for about 1 hour. Once you’re done, you’ll have many trails to choose from in all directions. Read more about the lake in this blog post.

Spell alpsee


Probably one of the most beautiful lakes is the Caumasee. Its turquoise waters are breathtaking and its small island is an eye-catcher. Due to its meditative Note, it is a great place for a summer Yoga practice. Its various shades of blue are even more significant in Winter. Therefore, a visit to Winter is a Good Option.


Lake Lungernsee

One of the most beautiful lakes Switzerland is certainly the Lungernsee. When you drive from Brünig to Hasliberg, you will see the viewpoint where you can take beautiful pictures of the lake. The photo can’t express the beauty of the lake, so convince yourself by visiting it!  

Lake Lungernsee

Switzerland lake Geneva (aka Lake Leman)

Switzerland lake Geneva, largest lake in Switzerland is located in French Switzerland. One side of the blue lake belongs to Switzerland, the other side of France! The lake is popular for its summer activities such as windsurfing, boating, Stand Up Paddling and water skiing. The most stunning, however, is the castle of Chillon! It is recommended to take a boat trip from Vevey or Montreal to the castle and take a hike along the lake back to the two towns.

Looking for ideas for your next day trip? Voila, that’s exactly what I have collected my favorite discoveries of recent years and present here great destinations from Aigle to Zermatt – once across Switzerland.

Switzerland landmarks

Wine Museum in Aigle

Aigle is not only a chamber pretty town with a historic core, but also offers a great destination for rainy days with the wine museum in the venerable castle, surrounded by idyllic vineyards. Despite its location in historic premises, the museum is by no means dusty but convinces with an interactive exhibition on the history of viticulture. If you would like to taste a fine local wine after a tour of the museum, you will visit the BadouxThèque in Yvonne. There, the well-known «Eidechsli» is served.

Gorge de l’Areuse

In search of paths from the Jura to the Mittelland, rivers have dug deep canyons into the hilly landscape. One of them is the Areuse Gorge between Val-de-Travers and Lake Neuchâtel. The three-hour hike along with the cheerful bubbling Areuse from Noiraigue to Boudry is a blessing, especially on hot summer days. In the depths of the gorge, a pleasantly cool breeze always blows.

Lakes Switzerland

Château de Chillon

Like a moated castle, Chillon Castle towers over lakes Switzerland Geneva and is a popular photo opportunity for visitors to the Lake Geneva region. It is worthwhile not only to admire the castle from the outside but also to go inside for a discovery tour. Every Sunday afternoon there are interactive castle tours in German, English, and French, which are included in the entrance fee.


A trip to Greyerz is worthwhile not only because of the picturesque historic town with its castle but also because there is nowhere else so good double cream. Also worth seeing is the show dairy in the Maison du Gruyère and the interactive chocolate world in the Maison Cailler in the neighboring village of Broc. The visit of the two culinary sites can be combined with a hike on the Chemin du Gruyère.

Where to go in switzerland


The Doubs forms the natural border between France and Switzerland over a length of 40 kilometers in the north-western corner of Switzerland. Parallel to this is the “Au fil du Doubs” hiking trail, which leads in four daily stages from Les Brenets to St-Ursanne.


A wonderfully decelerating route through partly mangrove-like river banks and pristine meadow landscapes. If you only have one day, I recommend a trip to the waterfall “Saut du Doubs” at Les Brenets. A must-have is to try a trout blue in one of the restaurants along the Doubs. My restaurant tip: The charming Maison Biaufond in Les Bois.


Some affectionately refer to them as “Saanelands Dolomites”, and, the Gastlosen, with their distinctive limestone cliffs, recall the famous peaks of the Southern Limestone Alps. On the Gastlosen circular walk (around 4 hours, 11 kilometers) you can study the rugged cliffs from all sides, but also admire the wonderful panorama over the Saaneland, Simmental and the Bernese Alps.


Geneva not only exudes international flair but in addition to its most famous landmark – the Jet d’eau – other exciting attractions and is thus an ideal destination for a city trip to western Switzerland. A highlight for me is the view over the city center from the north tower of the Saint-Pierre cathedral. And art lovers should plan a trip to the hip Bains neighborhood and visit the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Lakes Switzerland

Switzerland Attractions

La Chaux-de-Fonds

In my opinion, the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is one of the most underrated cities in Switzerland. Here you can not only visit one of the first buildings designed by le Corbusier (Maison Blanche) but also learn a lot about the history of timekeeping (inter alia in the Musée International de l’Horlogerie).


Lausanne is a lively student city and thrilled with numerous events. I recommend the Foodies among you to study the event calendar of Lausanne à Table and architecture fans should not miss the Rolex Learning Center on the EPFL campus designed by the Japanese architectural practice SANAA. Be it the hilly old town, the modern Flon district or the spacious lakeside promenade in Ouchy – lakes Switzerland Lausanne can satisfy many requirements.



Stately building façades, witty street artworks, colorfully painted fountains, small shops, and winding house passages; the old town of Neuchâtel has a lot of charm and arouses the desire to discover. If you follow the paved roads uphill, you will sooner or later end up at the landmark of the city – the castle. Also exciting is the Center Dürrenmatt designed by Mario Botta high above the old town.


It is not obvious that the second-largest city in the canton of Jura is a worthwhile destination for a day trip. A stroll through the old town reveals the special flair of the city but fast; stunning townhouses with turrets and winding courtyards, lakes Switzerland, babbling fountains, an idyllic botanical garden and the castle characterize the cityscape. The Circuit Secret also offers a view behind the beautifully plastered facades. And if you feel hungry after a long foray through the old town streets, you will find yourself in the authentic Beiz Auberge du Mouton.

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