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Lake Garda Italy, Once a year, my best friend Jazz and I drive away during the summer vacation. Anywhere. But most of all to the sea. In 2018 we decided again for Bella Italia. Italy is just wonderful and always absolutely right. To completely indulge in the dolce far niente, we decided to go to Lake Garda. In this travel article, I take you to my favorite places. Also, I’ll tell you where we could cuddle with alpacas and what travel adventures have expected us otherwise.

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, with a high degree of probability you already knew that. In the north, the lake is nestled between the Alps, in the west it extends into Lombardy and in the east, it belongs to Veneto. So the region is very diverse in the landscape as well as in culture. The starting point for our holiday adventures was the small town of Peschiera del Garda on the southeastern shore of Lake Garda Italy. So in the middle of August, of course, many other globetrotters have found their way here, but who can you blame it, it’s just too nice here.

Peschiera del Garda

Peschiera del Garda is a picture postcard motif. Yes, it is so beautiful here. Anyone who has once strolled through the village, which is crisscrossed by canals, is quickly in love. Through the sleepy Lake Garda towns of about 10,000 inhabitants flows the Mincio, the only outlet of Lake Garda and on him small gondolas – almost a bit of Venice. Another indication that makes this city, and thus the historical center, so special is the irregular, pentagonal floor plan with its bastioned ramparts of a fortress. Since 2017, the fortress belongs to the UNESCO heritage.

We wanted to do without big plans during our holiday on Lake Garda – only the daily ice cream, from the Gelateria La Romana, belonged – as it turned out later – to the compulsory program. The wonderfully warm sunny days we spent on the lakeshore, playing cards or exploring the surrounding villages.

Madonna Della Corona

On Lake Garda hide many small and large pieces of jewelry such. a rock church above the Adige Valley on the eastern flank of Monte Baldo. Only 40km from Peschiera del Garda, a few hairpin bends and fantastic views, the image of the Madonna Della Corona opens up to its visitors. I think this is an insider tip because with us only a few travelers flocked to this place. The pilgrimage church has been at the top of my bucket list at least since my last holiday in Tuscany.

Lake Garda Italy

To get to the Basilica Madonna Della Corona, we parked our car in a public car park in Spiazzi. From there we sparzierten down about 20 minutes because the small village is located at about 864 meters above the rock church, which is located at 773 meters altitude. If you are reluctant to walk, you can also take the shuttle bus. I warmly recommend the little walk to you. Halfway around we pass a wooden kiosk and alpaca farm of ‘Azienda Agricola Elalpaca’. Here ends our walk for the time being, because we will not get any further. Jazz and I have a hard time getting rid of the cute animals, shooting photos and caressing the happy-looking furs with the round eyes before we continue our walk to the actual destination.


From Lake Garda Italy a day trip to the city of lovers, Verona for me an absolute must! The historic city, with all its treasures such as the Teatro Romano or the famous balcony from which Julia waved to her Romeo, a single open-air museum. We strolled through the old, cobbled streets and downtown with its flourishing shops. We ate delicious pizza and another gelati. The city is very busy in August, especially the hotspots are almost overcrowded. Nevertheless, I would always come back – no matter what the season – because Verona is charming and beautiful an eye-catcher and the magic of Romeo and Juliet is indeed still felt.

Sirmione Italia

Lake Garda Italy on a summer’s day, we moved to the south bank to Sirmione. The small village lies on a peninsula and consists of three hills. The place is known primarily as a thermal center. The cityscape, however, is characterized by the Scaliger Castle with its large harbor basin and a ring wall, which separates the city from the mainland. For 6 € it is possible to take a tour of the ramparts and through the corner towers. We decided on a combined ticket and thus gained additional access to the grottos of the Catullus and the associated museum. The caves are located on the last of the three hills of the city, just outside the city center.

Lake Garda Towns

Since we were both not blessed with the best sense of direction, it took a few detours until we found the well-signposted path to the grotto. Incidentally, I would like to say that the description ‘grotto’ is a bit misleading. The ruins are remnants of an ancient Roman villa. Whether a visit is worthwhile. Probably not. At least I was rather less convinced personally by the ruins, because of the former villa, only the huge retaining walls have been preserved. It was much nicer to watch the water on the shore. But since it felt 40 degrees, we just wanted to get out of the sun and into the shade. Luckily we managed to get two seats in a small street locomotive for one euro and drove straight back to the city center.

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