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Koh Rong Beaches, The island of Koh Rong is just 15 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide. But exploring the island completely on your own will be difficult because there are no roads or vehicles except the boat. But that’s exactly what makes the flair of Koh Rong. What you can do on a trip to Koh Rong is explained in this article. After Koh Rong, you only come by boat and from Sihanoukville, there are some boat connections to the small island. But first to Sihanoukville to come, you can either fly there or by bus, for example. arriving from Phnom Penh. Flights are best found at Skyscanner or Momondo.

Attention: There is Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. So pay attention to which island you want.

The fastest way to get to Koh Rong is by speedboat from Sihanoukville. There is more information on how to get there at the end of the article. When you arrive on the island, you notice that all the bungalows and restaurants are right on the beach. So you immediately fall into the sand as soon as you leave your accommodation. The main area (Tui Beach), where most of the life takes place, is very small. After a few minutes you are at the end and then you only have a beach and a few bungalows in front of you. There are nice bars where you can also party a little. The majority of the guests are under 30 and come from Europe.

Koh Rong Accommodation

Even though Koh Rong is relatively small, there are many accommodations to choose from. Directly on the beach of the Koh Touch Village is the Paradise Bungalows, which we can recommend. Within walking distance of the promenade, where you have many dining options, are the Koh Rong bungalows with garden or sea views. Open-air bathrooms, mosquito nets, Wi-Fi and a balcony are provided. A great starting point for your time on Koh Rong.

Other accommodation options are also available on the other beaches such as Koh Rong Beaches or Sok San Beach. A selection of all accommodation for Koh Rong can be found here.

Long Set Beach

The Long Set Beach is just a short walk of about 15 minutes along the coast north of Koh Touch Village. It is about 4 kilometers long, which is why it is sometimes referred to as 4K Beach.

Koh Rong Beaches

So you can make a great trip to Long Set Beach on foot or just go by boat. On-site, you will find a few accommodations and dining options, but above all, a beautiful beach. White sand, turquoise clear water and a few palm trees make up the atmosphere. Together with the Sok San Beach (see next point), the Long Set Beach was our beach highlight on Koh Rong. Of course, talking about a paradise is very far out of the window. But the beach comes in our opinion very close.

Koh Tuich Village

The Koh Touch Village is the main town of Koh Rong and you will also find the most visitors there. Also, most of the bars and restaurants have settled here. The pier for the mainland ferries is also in Koh Touch. Although Koh Touch is referred to as a party location, this is rather minor. Yes, there are bars, but the entertainment program is very clear and some parties are outside of the village, such as. The Koh Rong beaches Party.

However, the area of ​​bars and restaurants is limited to the southern and central parts of the village. The further north you come, towards Long Set Beach, the less is going on. You will only find a few accommodations on the beach, but otherwise, it is pretty quiet and idyllic.

Skybar Koh Rong

Even if the name Skybar is a little misleading, at least in comparison to the big cities of Southeast Asia, it is worthwhile to visit the bar. It does not matter if day or evening, the view on the ocean is very nice and it is the highest bar in the world Island.

Koh Touch

The Skybar on Koh Rong greets you in a relaxed atmosphere after about 10 minutes of the climb up the stairs. The drink prices are not exorbitantly high here. So you can spend some time there and let your eyes wander into the distance.

Sok San Village

In the west of Koh Rong beaches lies the long Sok San Beach, therefore also known as Long Beach by many visitors. You can reach the beach either by boat directly from Sihanoukville or the Koh Touch Village or on a jungle trek from the village in about an hour on foot. The Sok San Beach itself is a dream! Crystal clear turquoise water, white sand, and few people. Unfortunately, we miss something the palm trees and more shady spots, but the beach is worth a visit.

In the north of Long Beach is also the Sok San Beach Resort with many villas and restaurants. If you like peace and solitude, then you can even stay here. Also at the northern end of Sok San Beach is the Sok San Village. A small village where you can find something to eat or drink. But do not underestimate the beach, it is longer than it looks.

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