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Iseo Italie: The mountainous landscape of northern Italy is known for its beautiful lakes. Especially the Lago di Garda and the Lago Maggiore have been popular destinations for German tourists and fans of Italy for years. At the latest after Christo’s impressive art installation The Floating Piers, Lake Iseo is now on everyone’s lips worldwide.

The bathing lake is located less than 80 kilometers east of the fashion metropolis Milan and 200 kilometers west of the lagoon city of Venice. Where, during the 16-day exhibition in June 2016, thousands of tourists squeezed their way through the narrow streets of the small communities every day, a paradisiacal idyll can be found today.

Vino Franciacorta

The comfortably developed coastal road leads me to Iseo Italie, to the south shore of the lake. In this way, I pass on my right picturesque wine fields. I stop at the winery Berlucchi, the place of origin of the breed known under the same name. The sprawling growing area offers a unique postcard motif.

My next stop is the Romanesque monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa, about three kilometers south of Iseo. It was founded in 1083. The interiors adorn impressive frescoes. However, the stunning panoramic view from the forecourt of the church to the Torbiere del Sebino nature reserve inspires even greater enthusiasm in me.

Iseo Italie

The coastal road around Lake Iseo is known for its incomparable panoramic views. On the way to the northern region of Alto Sebino, for example, I get a glimpse of Monte Isola, the largest inhabited lake island in Europe. From any place with lakeshore, operate passenger ferries and visit the island for already 2.00 € possible.

Two kilometers from the eastern shore are the Piramidi di, Zone. The pyramids were naturally created by erosion and can also be admired from up close, in the nature reserve of the same name. This is my last stop in Franciacorta. I am now heading for Alto Sebino, the northern end of the water.

Basso Sebino

Charming places line the banks of Lake Iseo Italie in Lombardy and turn it into a picturesque retreat for lovers and those seeking peace. A small round trip is a perfect way to get to know the diversity of the region. I start in Basso Sebino in the southwest on Franciacorte to Alto Sebino on the northern shore of Lake Iseo.

Iseo Italie

Those who do not want to combine a visit to Lake Iseo with a stopover in Milan can fly directly to Bergamo airport. From there it is only a 30-minute drive before you reach the town of Sarnico on the most south-westerly tip of Lake Iseo. I stay in the centrally located Hotel Sebino with a traditional ambiance and modern comfort.

The city built in the Middle Ages at the foot of Lake Iseo offers not only by day a handsome scenery. During my stay in Sarnico, the annual Buskers Festival takes place. In the evening, illuminations illuminate the small town in bright colors and accentuate the pleasant Italian way of life.


At the northern end of the tributary, Oglio flows into Lake Iseo. Alto Sebino connects nature, sports, and art impressively. On a high plateau 1000 meters above sea level, the dreamy Italian village of Bossicound is spoiled for the whole day by the sun because of its wonderful location, to the delight of its visitors and residents.

Active vacationers Bossico offers remarkable opportunities for hiking and Nordic walking and mountain biking in various levels of difficulty. On the high plateau of Bossico pine forests provide a pleasant shade and an idyllic atmosphere. Thus, the risk of sunburn reduces noticeably.


On the well-signposted trails invite unique panoramic views to dream. Near the picturesque San Fermo chapel, a small mountain farm offers home-made delicacies. Homemade polenta, hearty salami, and traditional cancelli provide new motivation to continue the trip.

The delicious food is of course wine from the neighboring wine region Franciacorta served. Nice stops also are the Roman villas from the 8th century, such as the Villa Aventino, which I paid a visit. The villas are located in the Seven Hills area and provide a movie-ready backdrop.

Lovere Italy

The British author Wortley Montagu once described this place as “the most romantic place I’ve ever seen in my life.” I wanted to convince myself of that and chose Lovere as the last stop on my trip. It may be a coincidence that the name of the place contains the English name for love, but this passion can be felt in Lovere.

The Torre Civica is the symbol of the city and is located on the edge of the historic Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. From the top of the tower, visitors have a fantastic view of the community and the lake. In the small, pleasant cafes in the piazza and its side streets, the romantic charm of this place shows.

Lovere Italy

The Basilica di Santa Maria should not be missed on a tour of Lovere. The painter Antonio Bonvicino artfully designed the insides of the church. An impressive photo opportunity for lovers of classic Renaissance architecture.

The Accademia di Belle Arti Tadini is a true place-to-go for all art lovers. The oldest Lombard museum was first built by Luigi Tadini between 1821 and 1826 for his private art collection, before being opened to the public in 1828. Today it shows works by Italian artists from the 14th to the 19th century Iseo Italie.

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