Ireland road trip 7 days

Ireland road trip 7 days: For me, it went to the west coast of Ireland last year. More specifically, in the counties Kerry and Cork. The routes and” Drives ” we drove with the car rental, which was a little challenge with these small, sweet but damn narrow streets and then also with left-hand traffic, but at the latest after a day we got used to it. If you prefer to experience the country with your backpack, you can also run the same routes. Here and there there are even extra hiking trails directly over the lush green, wild hills.

ireland road trip 7 days

Green meadows and lots of sheep are the things that may come to your mind first when you think of Ireland. But the small Atlantic island has much more to offer. You expect endless adventures and above all incredibly beautiful and varied landscapes. From 600m high cliffs, fjords, mountains and beaches to a limestone desert, you can see everything within a few days!

Surfing, coasteering, rock climbing, whale watching and sea kayaking on the coast will take you from adventure to adventure while inland cool treks, mountain biking trails and via ferratas add up to an adrenaline rush. Throughout the Irish wilderness, you’ll find ancient ruins, stone circles, and other remnants of the Celts that cause goosebumps! The coolest thing about Ireland, however, are the people who welcome you everywhere with plenty of time and a great dose of black humor from the start as one of them!

Atlantic way ireland

Why is Ireland’s Western so wonderful for a road trip? The answer to this is only three words: Wild Atlantic Way.

The Wild Atlantic Way (Irish Slí on Atlanta Fhiáin) stretches for over 2500 km along the west coast of Ireland. The famous coastal road begins in Ireland’s north (in County Donegal) and ends in the south of Ireland in Kinsale. The Wild Atlantic Way has been around since 2014 and is considered one of the longest contiguous coastal roads in the world. Spectacular views, wonderful landscapes and lots of driving or hiking fun await you.

Ring of kerry tour

The small town of Kenmare is about half an hour away from Kerry Airport. Colorful houses, lively Pubs, a sweet Church in the middle and at every corner there is free Wi-Fi and lots of nice and open-minded people. Kenmare is also known as” the Jewel in the Ring of Kerry”, as it is the starting point for a tour of one of Ireland’s most famous hiking trails: the 179-kilometer-long Ring of Kerry.

trips to ireland

The West Coast has several islands, which in turn have right panoramic coastal roads. The Ring of Kerry is often also preferred by tour groups because here you have not only wonderful views but also a lot of old walls, stone rows, and Forts on the way.

Ireland road trip 7 days My tip: Always keep on the “Ladies View”. You have to experience this! From here you can look over the lakes of Killarney National Park.

Glengarriff tours

From all the places I’ve seen on Ireland’s West Coast, this small place has surprised me the most. From Kenmare, we made a trip to the next Peninsula, the Beara Peninsula. First, completely inconspicuous and only visible when you are in the middle, Glengarriff lies amid green hills. It consists of a single intersection, on whose main street Everything takes place. But the small village has it fist-thick behind the ears. The three or

Ireland road trip 7 days

four Pubs alternate well every evening with their events and so here in the summer old and young music together under the free starry sky. Everyone is allowed to join and play a song if they want to and all sing-along.

Who thinks this is all, he’s wrong. If you go a bit further into the woods, towards the water, you can sometimes even see wild seals sunning on the warm stones, while only a few meters next child by child jumps from the jetty into the cool wet.

Killarney tours

Back over the Pass, past Kenmare and a bit into the country. Here Comes My favorite city: Killarney. There is an old, heroic mansion here, whose family has gone to Ruin many centuries ago to make the environment chic for Queen Victoria who wanted to visit. Back then, the property went back to the country and now it is a national park. Do you remember the “Ladies View” in the vicinity of Kenmare? These three lakes belong here. If you are looking for a boat trip, for example, can make this on the Lough Leane to Innisfallen Island.


If you walk through the Gap of Dunloe, that is, through the gap between two mountain chains, you’ll get out of this very Lake. Here, I have had the most wonderful boat tour of my life, with funny stories of Homer Simpson Island (a small island on the lakes, which looks like a reclining Homer), and interesting historical facts. In the evening it is not as quiet as in the previous places. Killarney is a bit more touristy and accordingly large is the offer. Here you will find not only small, nice Pubs, but also nightclubs, Shisha and cocktail bars.

Eyeries ireland

Admittedly, if you drive (or wander) the Ring of Kerry along the coast towards the north, you will pass some great, small places. But a little stopover in Eyeries must be. You haven’t seen so many colorful cottages with a view of the Atlantic. There are activities in the evening as well, but otherwise, not much going on. For this, a small Café on Main Street is just waiting for you to take your tea and Scones break there.

The nice, older lady who runs the shop has long sat down to us and told stories about the times when Ireland was far from a destination. In Eyeries it is said: breath briefly, take a break and enjoy the rest. If you want, you can also walk down to the beach from here. If there were not the full clotheslines in the gardens, you could almost think that there is no one living there at all. Fun fact: in Ireland Beach is also called Beach.

where to go in ireland

Tips for Ireland’s West Coast: 5th Dingle-home of “Fungie the dolphin” and extraordinary Pubs

A peninsula further north, but still in County Kerry, there is again a beautiful road along the coast. The “Slea Head Drive” you should go or-run once. Also, you simply come in the small (you see, really big is not a place here) Port station Dingle below.

Ireland road trip 7 days My tip: there is the Money Back Guarantee if you do not see the dolphin, but I assure you: you can always see it! Who wants to save 10 – 15€, simply running along the beach in the direction of the sea. Here you can watch Fungie sometimes from near, sometimes from far.

More tips for Ireland’s West coast

Glengariff: who is looking for a nice place for a night, is in Glengariff just right. Here you can take a wonderful day trip to one of the surrounding garden islands. On Garnish Island there is a wonderful Italian-looking Park with a water pond and a few opportunities for refreshments. When you’re back in Glengariff, you can end the evening with live music in one of the many Pubs.

Cliffs Of Moher: they are not an INSIDER’s tip, but some of Ireland’s West Coast travel tips might include some of Ireland’s most famous cliffs. The Cliffs Of Moher are a Must See on such a trip. It is worth hiking on-site at Hag’s Head because there are not too many tourists and you can enjoy the fantastic view almost alone. You can stay overnight after or before the tour in the fishing village of Doolin.

Galway: Good music, fantastic food, and Gaelic culture. In Galway, the dull droning of Ireland is waiting for you and honestly, that’s such fun! In addition to many great Restaurants, Bars, and Pubs, there are some tips: the Crane Bar On Sea Road, the Pub “The Quays”, which is located in a church and the cheese shop of Sheridan’s Cheesemongers. Even if Galway is not as big as Ireland, a bit of Metropolitan spirit is spraying the village kind of already! Also worthwhile from Galway: a trip to the Aran Islands.

Rock of Cashel: if you want to go to Dublin and get across the country, we can recommend a short visit to the Rock of Cashel. The mountain is referred to as a Monument of Irish history and was regarded for centuries as the seat of spirits and fairies. The view from the Rock of Cashel, which in the meantime also served as a clan seat, is simply breathtaking!

Trip to ireland

Overall, I spent ten days on the west coast of Ireland. These are just a few goals that we have set in the West. A trip to Ireland, I would recommend simply to anyone. The country has captured me with the kindness, the beautiful views and nature. I have always been on city trips before and I would not have thought it possible that there is such a peaceful place in this world. My heart beats for Green Island and I’m looking forward to my next trip. This time we will not only explore the Western!

Ireland road trip 7 days

The island of Ireland is located in the extreme north-west of Europe and is divided as the smaller of the two British Isles into two countries and 32 counties. The Republic of Ireland covers about one-sixth of the island, while the six counties in the northeast belong to Northern Ireland and thus to the United Kingdom. In the east, the island is separated from the Irish Sea of ​​England: in part, there are only 20 kilometers between the Irish and the British coast. In the west, the waves of the Atlantic are waiting for you! There are several thousand kilometers of coastline to be discovered on the more than 70,000 square kilometers of the Irish Republic. Particularly impressive is the rugged Atlantic coast with the many and partly uninhabited islets, the impressive cliffs of Moher and over 600 meters high cliffs of Slieve League, which are considered one of the highest sea cliffs in Europe! Inland, you will find mostly the typical green hills and pastures, which are crossed by lots of lakes, rivers, peat bogs and mountains

Going to ireland

TRANSPORT Arriving by plane or ferry You can come to Ireland either by plane or by ferry. The island’s largest international airports Dublin, Cork, Kerry, and Clare. By now you have almost every day of the week the opportunity to book a direct flight from Germany to the green island. Find the best and cheapest flight connection for you simply and quickly with momondo! If you prefer driving your car, you can travel directly to Ireland with Irish Ferries or Brittany Ferries from northern France. Driving over the island of Ireland is perfect for a road trip! If you drive yourself, you are more independent and can explore even the remotest corners of the island. No matter if you are traveling by your car or a rental car, left-hand traffic prevails on the green island and you have to get used to it! This means especially in your first days: Take your time and orient yourself on other cars and the middle of the road, which, as in the right traffic, should be next to the driver’s side!

Ireland road trip 7 days: The few highways on the island are all toll roads. In most cases this is due at the motorway entrance at a barrier – small change is a must! On the M50 in northwest Dublin, you will drive through an electronic tollbooth that you will not miss thanks to the big signs. You must pay the fee online until 20:00 the next day or in a Payzone branch. For most rental cars this toll is included and therefore you should ask the provider. Most intersections in Ireland are roundabouts, which of course are going to the left! In the cities, traffic on multi-lane roundabouts is additionally regulated by traffic lights – make sure to pay attention to the signs so that you can correctly position yourself before you enter the roundabout.

Ireland Accommodation

Everything you need to sleep during your road trip across the green island is your tent and sleeping bag. Wild camping is not officially allowed, but as long as you leave no garbage mountains and disturb neither humans nor animals, no one has a problem with it. To be on the safe side, set up your tent on one of the island’s cool campsites, or look for a glamping shelter. If the weather spoils the fun of camping, you have many great bed and breakfasts to choose from. There is at least one in every village and often you will not find a guest house in the middle of nowhere, which still has a room available. Incidentally, this also applies to hostels and hotels that are quickly booked up in popular regions, such as along the Wild Atlantic Way or near national parks. Meanwhile, almost everywhere on the island, you can find a place to sleep through AirBnB – with a bit of luck you will end up in a secluded cottage by the sea! If you put your trip on the low season in spring, fall or even winter, you can save up to 30 percent!

Ireland culture and traditions

The first thing you’ll notice while traveling through Ireland is that everything is a bit slower here. The Irish seem to have so much more time. A long chat at the supermarket checkout or a small traffic jam in town, because two friends meet by chance in the car and not the only wave to each other, but talk to each other briefly, are not uncommon and the coolest: It does not bother anyone! As soon as you enter Irish soil, you should take a deep breath and forget the punctuality, which is considered vital everywhere in Germany! Do it like the Irish and take time to enjoy the moments you experience and meet the people you meet! No matter what you talk to, the black humor of the Irish sneaks into every conversation. Not infrequently, the jokes are at your expense, but you should understand that as a sign of affection and just laugh.

Ireland road trip 7 days

The Irish do not take themselves and their fellow human beings too seriously and know that even in unpleasant situations there is always a laugh hidden somewhere! Maybe that’s why people are so relaxed here? What unites you from the beginning with every islander is the enthusiasm for the country and its incredibly impressive landscapes. Despite the changeable weather, people in Ireland prefer to go outside at any time of the year. Whether on the many small and large beaches, for surfing, kayaking, and fishing or in the bright green Midlands to hike and climb mountains. The Irish are real hikers – in your adventures on the green island, so you are in good company! It is impossible to talk about Ireland without mentioning the pub culture.

Irish pub culture

The typical pubs are everywhere on the island! In small towns, as well as in the big cities and even in the middle of nowhere. For the Irish, the public house is like a second living room in which much of life takes place. This means there is no place on the island where you can better immerse yourself in the Irish lifestyle than a pub! Depending on what you feel like, you can quietly drink your Guinness in the pub around the corner, meet lots of new people or hear stories about the island, which are guaranteed not in any book. Irish pub culture is the pulse of the island, without which Ireland would not be what it is!

7 days in ireland

Ireland road trip 7 days: The Guinness is naturally far ahead in the pub. However, there are also some other stout breweries such as Murphy’s or Beamish, whose beers are here to order. In terms of alcohol, the green island is also known for its whiskey, which is considered here together with the typical black beer as a remedy. The wisdom of the pub is: In case of a cold, a hot whiskey with lemon helps and Guinness increases the general well-being! Instead of “Cheers!”, The Irishmen start with “Sláinte!”. In addition to the pub in the pubs, there is alcohol in supermarkets and special off-license shops to buy.

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