Holidays To Cyprus Where Do Stay In Cyprus?

Holidays to Cyprus! We explored the diverse island of the sun in the eastern Mediterranean for you. 4 summer days full of travel adventures bundled in this travelogue – we take you to the pirate bay incl. Shipwreck, show you idyllic oases and historical treasures. Join our bloggers Morena, Simona, and Kevin in the next few lines on their Cyprus Discovery Tour.

Exciting key data on climate, geography, the most beautiful resorts, etc. I will skip this travel contribution exceptionally. I have already summarized this in another post: Destination of the Month: Island of Cyprus.

Cyprus resorts

With the Edelweiss Air, we reached the bathing paradise after about 3.5 hours of flight time and already 40 minutes later our resort. The Napa Mermaid hotel in Ayia Napa is modern, chic and incredibly quiet. The complex is the perfect place to sunbathe and unwind.

cyprus holidays

Since we had caught a relatively early flight to Cyprus, we first took some rest, enjoyed a Greek salad with delicious hummus and then drove out with a freshly strengthened desire to explore the immediate area.

Cyprus Beach

Holidays to Cyprus stands for sun, Cyprus beach, and sea. After our tight cultural program, because we wanted to discover as much as possible during the few days of vacation, we planned, of course, a whole day at the sea. We chose a dream beach near the hotel, as today was our departure day and we did not want to lose too much of our precious holiday season. Our choice fell on Nissi Beach, which shone in bright Caribbean colors. A gently sloping white sandy beach to turquoise blue, crystal clear sea – that’s exactly what I list as a 100% holiday happiness.

Cyprus Beach

Cape Greco

We found our first photo motif pretty fast. The Love Bridge on Cape Greco, just a 5-minute drive from the hotel, is probably one of Ayia Napa’s most famous attractions and yet we were lucky that it was rather crowded around 2 pm. The rocky arch bridge of natural origin is about 6 meters long, half a meter wide and flows into the turquoise blue sea. Perfect to get on it. On the Duck march, Simona, Morena, and Kevin walked for 3 minutes from the parking lot and entered the bridge, dancing full of holiday happiness a little under the sun and enjoying the spectacular view of the open sea.

Not only the Love Bridge but also the bizarre rock formations, with the sea caves and beautiful bays at Cape Greco are a natural highlight. We scoot along the coastal path to the Blue Lagoon, let the sea breeze blow around our noses and bathed in the sea. A day full of holiday happiness – just as we had imagined. The rest of the sunshine of the day we spent at the pool comfortably on one of the comfortable beach chairs and drank delicious, fresh smoothies at the pool bar.

Diving Cyprus

On the travel agenda for our second day in holidays to Cyprus was the underwater world of the multi-faceted island. At 9 o’clock the diving instructor from Trans Divers Cyprus waited for us in the hotel lobby, which to our surprise came from Switzerland. The feelings among our travelers were mixed. While Kevin, after his first dive attempts on Rhodes (you can read more about it here), was looking forward to another dive, it was the first underwater visit for

Simona and Morena and a bit scary. After initial skepticism on the part of the girls, but thorough preparation of the instructor with mini-training including drawing theory, we went already to Green Bay in Protaras, where our underwater adventure should begin. The instruction was continued here directly on land and in the water before it went 10 meters in depth. Here, statues and pillars awaited us, looking like sunken archaeological treasures. For saddle-fast divers, the island retains many other treasures, such as the Zenovia shipwreck, which sank off the coast of Cyprus in the 80s and waits for its visitors at a depth of 42 meters with the best visibility.

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We ended the day with a walk through the 20,000 square meters open-air sculpture park in Ayia Napa with stunning panoramic views of the sea. The perfect backdrop to say goodbye to the sun for today. The collection includes works by more than 50 artists from all over the world and is constantly being expanded with new pieces of jewelry. Our highlight – a huge picture frame with the sea on the horizon – another postcard moment.

Cyprus Attractions

With the rental car, we tried the hotel before 8 o’clock to leave Paphos. Cyprus is quite large and the routes should not be underestimated. The drive from Ayia Napa to our first stop, the Adonis bath, is about 2.5 to 3 hours. For a longer stay on the island, so a hotel change is recommended to save precious holidays to Cyprus time and not to spend in the car.

The way there was initially very pleasant on the highway, later the road changed to a rocky off-road track through a steppe landscape. The fun factor rose – at least as a passenger. Some of the roads were quite narrow so that oncoming traffic seemed impossible. To our great luck and probably because we were traveling very early, the traffic was only in the direction of a natural paradise.

The Adonis bath with the waterfall turned out to be milky, turquoise-green water as a green oasis amidst a barren landscape, as one would expect only in the Orient. The place was already crowded around 11 clocks but still a real eye-catcher. The entrance fee was 9 € and is therefore not quite inexpensive.

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We drove on to the wreck 30 minutes away from the Edro III, which beached in 2011 northwest of Coral Bay at Pegeia and since then a bit sad and maybe a bit bizarre in a slanted side position on a rock right on the coast rests. The shipwreck can not be visited from the inside and that’s a good thing because today it serves as a habitat for birds and marine animals.

Nea Paphos

Well-fed like little queens and kings, we continued our day trip to the royal tombs of Nea Paphos. Fun Fact, this famous necropolis on the west coast of Cyprus, with subterranean Doric columns and burial chambers, are not royal tombs. Much more hide here resting places of high-ranking public officials and aristocrats. Nevertheless, incredibly interesting and probably therefore since 1980 UNESCO World Heritage Site. A walk through the archaeological park is highly recommended – but maybe not in the hot midday sun. Admission: 2.50 € and therefore absolutely affordable.

Holidays to Cyprus ended with a short walk along the promenade in Limassol. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to discover this charming place, but we could not resist taking a stroll along the sweeping alleys into the center and sipping a cool soda in a café.

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