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Holidays in sardinia, Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean and is often referred to as the Caribbean of Europe. That always sounded like a relaxing beach holiday in the sun. This year I went to the Italian island in August and my picture has completely changed. I was completely surprised by the diversity! So you do not have a false impression of the island, I introduce you to my travelogue holidays in sardinia and take you to my highlights.

Sardinia transport and car rental in sardinia

Friends of ours preferred to drive to Sardinia by car, they were on the road a bit longer, but finally made it. The first days we wanted to spend together on the beach and then explore the island by car. Fortunately, Sardinia transport is not too big, so you can easily make the whole island. From the north to the south of the island you need about 4.5 hours.

Although there are buses the public transport network is not very well developed. If you want to travel a lot like us, you should book a rental car.

What could be more appropriate than to head for the second largest island in the Mediterranean by plane? You will certainly not come to Sardinia in a less complicated and, above all, faster way. And the flights are not expensive either. Holidays in sardinia, with EasyJet for example, you can get real Schn├Ąppli prices. Alternatively, you can also travel by car including ferry crossing. Of course, this has the advantage of being able to carry as much luggage as you want. But be warned – you decide to drive for a car or even a bus, you’re on the road for a long time.

Costa Smeralda beach

Our hotel was in a small place called Pittulongu on the hotel costa smeralda. This is the name of the northwest coast of the island, which is especially known for the emerald-like color of the water. You’ve probably seen pictures of it before.

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In general, the region is a bit more expensive than the rest of Sardinia, here is also one or the other celebrity. As a result, many restaurants and cafes are a bit upscale, but if you keep your eyes open, you will also find some restaurants with reasonable prices. The first days we spent so in Sardinia beach hopping on the Costa Smeralda. Here one beach is more beautiful than the other, and the sea is so clear that you can still see your feet even in waist-high water.

Now it was also clear to me why holidays in sardinia is called the Caribbean of Europe. If you love white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, this is the place for you!

What to do in Sardinia?

Only on the beach, but then we were not enough.The Ispinigoli Cave is a fossilized limestone cave located on a slope of Monte Irveri in eastern Sardinia.From Olbia, we took about 2.5 hours to get there. The entrance to the grotto is not at the foot of the mountain, but at the summit. So you start to explore the 40-meter high portico of the grotto from above and slowly walk down the many steps.

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A perfect cooling at temperatures of over 35 degrees, because in the grotto it has a constant 17 degrees. Take a thin jacket with you, you will need it. The highlight of the grotto is a 38-meter-high limestone column that extends to the ceiling of the portico, making it one of the highest associations of stalagmites and stalactites. If you have a little more time, I can also recommend the Neptune Grotto to you. Grotta di Nettuno is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. By car, you need a good two hours to Alghero. On the spot, there is a second highlight waiting for you – namely the way there.

Holidays in sardinia, you can either take a tour boat directly into the grotto or you choose the land route over the Escala del Cabirol – behind the name hide 654 steps. You lead from the parking lot along the rock to the entrance to the grotto. A great experience. The Neptune Grotto, however, is much more popular than the Grotta di Ispinigoli and therefore more is going on here.

Olbia Sardinia

If you are near Olbia, be sure to visit the city in the evenings.Olbia is the fourth largest city and lies in the north of Sardinia. If you’re traveling by car, it’s best to head to the harbor, which has plenty of free parking. Nearby is the pedestrian area, where you can just let yourself drift. Although it is quite small but sprayed in the evening a very nice atmosphere.

My tip holidays in sardinia: There are also small shops offering handmade sandals. You choose a design, walk for an hour through the old town and you can pick up your new sandals that sit perfectly. Can I recommend it! If you need a break, there are some bars, restaurants and ice cream parlors – here you get the best ice cream in my opinion! Generally, it is great fun to stroll in the pedestrian zone. There is something to discover everywhere and live bands often play on the street or in bars.

Costa Verde: 60 meters high dunes

Holidays in sardinia for the next two days, we had a little road trip on the plan. Our first destination was the Costa Verde, which is known for it’s up to 60 meters high dunes. Most of the time we were able to drive from Olbia the highway direction Oristano.

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Nevertheless, there are still many unpaved and broken roads, which you can not completely escape at some destinations. Since Sardinia is very mountainous, you have to go from time to time over some passes. In some places, driving was therefore quite exhausting but the view compensates for that again! Fantastic!

Already from above, we could see the dunes of Ingutorsu, which stand out golden yellow from their environment.

Spiaggia Piscinas

We were surprised how little the beach is visited despite the high season. In any case, you will find a quiet spot to let the landscape work on you – in front of you the turquoise-blue sea and behind you the impressive dunes, which sometimes reach to the sea.

But beware, do not forget sunscreen and firm shoes! We had temperatures of 45 degrees at lunchtime, so the sand was hot. Although there are a few jetties on which you can walk to the sea, you can not avoid it, even in the sand to walk. In the late afternoon, we left for Cagliari. Cagliari: Welcome to the capital of Sardinia

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and has about 154,000 inhabitants. The city is best known for the hilltop Castello-Viertel. But also the harbor, the different churches, and numerous colorful houses are worth seeing. There is also a lot going on here in the evening.

Grotta del Blue Marino

The Grotta del Bue Marino is best reached from Cala Gonone, as you have to go by boat to the cave entrance. If you want to do a tour of the Grotto, you can either book it locally or ask at your boutique hotels sardinia. Often also full or half-day tours are offered.

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The Fart Zum Grotte takes about 30 minutes and is already beautiful. Fascinating rock formations and azure water! At the cave itself, you can again walk over a boardwalk and visit about 900 meters of the grotto and the numerous stalactites and stalagmites.

The cave got its name from a living being who lived there: the monk seal. In Italian monk seal Bue Marino, hence the name Grotta del Bue Marino. For cave lovers, an absolute must, definitely the most impressive and beautiful grotto I’ve ever been to. In the evening we enjoyed the last rays of sunshine on the beach in cala gonone beach before we went back to Pittulongu.

La maddalena sardinia

After a few days lounging on the sardinia beach, it was time again for a trip. This time we chose La Maddalena. Holidays in sardinia the island is located in the north of Sardinia and is also worth a day trip. From Olbia, it takes just over an hour to get to Palau, from where a chargeable ferry goes to La Maddalena. On the ship, you get a map, on which the best beaches are marked.

We once drove around the island and then decided on a beach on the northwest side of the island, from here you can even see Corsica in the distance.The beaches of the island are all beautiful! The water is infinitely blue and crystal clear like I’ve never seen. Out of the water rise granite rocks and porous cliffs of mica schist – a great landscape.Then we drove to the neighboring island of Caprera – La Maddalena and Caprera are connected by a road over the sea.

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