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Holiday in morocco, Ali is a nomad and a hero. He navigates unerringly through the Marrakech activities, as well as through the endless expanse of the Moroccan desert. He always wears a smile on daring overtaking maneuvers in the Atlas Mountains. And he shows angelic patience when his passengers demand him as a driver and guide for four days. Morocco desert trips is not a hiccup, for us each of the 1,500 kilometers of this road trip has been an adventure. One that anyone should dare to get to know this enchanting country in all its facets. 

Morocco Sahara Desert

The endless monotony of the dusty road winding through the thirsty landscape of Morocco is only an apparent one. If you leave Marrakech in the direction of the desert and leave the bustle behind, you have a real chance of authentic Morocco. The North African country has so much to offer off the tourist centers that a four-day road trip is a bare minimum for such a holiday in morocco.

From Marrakech, which lies at 460 meters above sea level, we crossed the Atlas Mountains in a southeasterly direction on the up to 2,260-meter high Tizi-n-Tichka Pass. After a trip to the world heritage site of Ait Ben Haddou, we drove during our desert tour over Ouarzazate in the oasis of Skoura, where they spent the night in a very special place. Past the deep gorge of the Tundra Gorge, we finally landed in the Erg Chebbi desert near Merzouga. The tents at the Desert Luxury Camp were a breezy home for two nights amidst the Sahara dunes. On the fourth day, it was a ten-hour hussar ride, with Ali driving us through the fertile Draa valley and back over the Atlas back to Marrakech.

Morocco Attractions

Already from the airplane window, the barren peaks of the Atlas Mountains were visible. They should have been covered in snow in January to allow the seven ski resorts of Morocco their operation. No indication, but we had not come to ski, but to drive.

Marrakech Activities

Marrakech was just like the king’s private golf course behind us. But we drove past the royal, strictly guarded hunting grounds at the foot of the mountains, thinking about the Moroccan snow: “If there is snow here, then it has to go quite far up.” There were 1,800 vertical meters and almost as many To overcome curves to reach the highest point of the Tichka Pass. A knowledge that Ali had not shared with us at this time. Everything was alright with my stomach and I was able to wander in peace about the fenced green forest of the king, which represented as strong contrast in color, as perhaps the nonexistent snow would have done on the still distant summits.

We climbed higher, but the solidly built dwellings became less and less. Holiday in morocco they gave way to mud-plastered huts whose colors had the appearance of the surrounding mountains. To ask Ali about the inhabitants of these villages came naturally:

Atlas Mountains Morocco

“These are Berber people. Former nomads who live a very hard life out here. “

Alongside the road, people were increasingly appearing, carrying dry twigs, barrels or tools on their backs. In the distance again and again oxen, the plows pulled over green fields. If you are successful in Marrakech with your Western thinking, you will not be able to ignore the African reality here. Especially when the winter is hard, it is for the people in the Atlas Mountains to survive.

holiday in morocco

The closer we got to the summit, the narrower was the Tizi-n-Tichka pass road and the steeper the slopes. The stops at the viewpoints became more frequent with the duration of the ride. Not only because the view of beauty was hard to beat. It was also about calming the stomach, which reported more and more confused and asked to be allowed to get out of the carousel. When we finally reached the highest point of our Atlas crossing, it was a lot cooler outside than in the valley. This made the story with the snow more plausible. Of real desert was on this “desert tour” at this time but nothing to see.

It’s easier to go down than up. In the direction of Ourzazate, the serpentines became significantly rarer – and less breakneck. Passing checkpoints used by the Moroccan police for routine inspections, it went to World Heritage Site kasbah ait ben haddou.

Morocco Desert Trips

Between this statement and leaving the street fit no counter-argument. Ali tore the steering wheel to the left, the four-wheel Toyota followed and we already rumbled over the dusty ground. No sign was there, but our Moroccan driver had announced shortly before that it was not far to our stopover: Ait Ben Haddou. And dessert we had from the date also more than enough.

Morocco Desert Trips

These are just the special places that have been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status – and this is one of them. Ait Ben Haddou is a Ksar. And that requires at least six kasbahs houses. Translated, Ksar Burg means, in this case, the term but rather stands for a fortified city. For centuries, Ksar Ait Ben Haddou had a special significance for the holiday in morocco due to the location along the route Marrakech – Timbuktu. Today, the slowly decaying clay buildings are filming for numerous film productions such as Gladiator, Game of Thrones or Prince of Persia.

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