Guilin In China And Xingping China

Guilin In China Do you still know the game Nagaland with the little pointed trees? If you have always wanted to see it in real life, then I can only recommend Guilin in China.

Dreamlike landscapes in Guilin and Xingping

If you think about China, you’ll probably first think of Beijing and Shanghai. But the Middle Kingdom has so much more to offer than crowded cities. I recommend you to spend a few extra days on your trip so that you can make it to Guilin In China.

Guilin In China

Flight To Guilin

It takes about 3 hours and costs 379 CNY. But you can also book flights from Beijing or Shanghai as well. From Shanghai, it takes for example 2:40 hours to land in Guilin. You can compare and book flights at Skyscanner or Momondo.

I spent a total of 4 days here and show you how to best organize your trip. 3-4 days are ideal for stress-free exploration.

Guilin Hotel

Guilin Central Hostel is the perfect place from which to plan your excursions. As the name implies, ( )

The hostel offers all tours in the area and at fair prices. Booking through the hostel was more than comfortable and you can also meet great people traveling with you. By the way, you can discover other accommodations in Guilin here.

Guilin Tours

Longsheng rice terraces

For the first day, I recommend a tour of the village Dazhai. From here you can explore the rice terraces alone (or with your group of newly made friends) for 5 hours and learn a little about the locals. They would like to turn their traditional clothes on – one picture is worthwhile in any case. In the period from April to June, the rice fields are watered and the sun is reflected in the stagnant water. If you want to see the terraces in the lush green, July to September is the best time.

guilin county

After the beautiful hike, you will pass some fruit stalls, marvel at rare fruits and meet your driver who will take you back to Guilin. Do not forget sturdy shoes and a loaded camera! In the meantime, it can get very warm during the hike, so it’s best to use the bulb principle when it comes to clothing. Now you have a second night in the hostel, then strengthened the next day to tackle the next part of the trip.

Xingping China

Now for the real highlight in the area around. So picturesque that it even prints on the 20 yuan note. And best of all, you can visit exactly this place that inspired the painter.

First: Many tourists come to Guilin In China and then book a tour to Yangshuo to look at the mountain landscape. However, Yangshuo is touristy and therefore I recommend you to travel directly Xingping.

For this you book a boat tour – with a classic bamboo raft you will go down the river and you will not be able to get out of it. When the raft hits, tuk-tuks are ready to take you to Xingping. The easiest way to book the tour is at Guilin Central Hostel, and the staff will explain exactly how to get to Xingping. The majority of the group from the raft will continue to Yangshuo but do not let that irritate you. On the way to the river tour, many Chinese women will want to sell flower wreaths. I rarely let anything bother me, but these wreaths look so beautiful and look great on photos in the fairytale landscape.

Once in Xingping, all you have to do is visit your hostel: This Old Place International Youth Hostel is great for a night or two. The view is also fabulous, there is a rooftop terrace and the restaurant offers fresh wood-fired pizza (if you need a break from Chinese food). From here you can explore the area and make your memory card full.

Xingping village

The village itself is picturesque and it is worthwhile to make a small round here and taste local specialties. If you are looking for souvenirs, you will find it here.

Xingping village

For the first day in Xingping, I decided with two friends to visit the Old Fishing Village. It’s described by the hostel as a two-hour hike – it took us a lot longer than half the time we did not know where we were. It’s an exciting hike – the path is lined with orange and grapefruit trees and you’re almost alone on your own. However, I recommend the tour only if you speak some Chinese, otherwise, it could be a bit difficult. Guilin In China

The fishing village is not a fishing village – only a few small houses and the inhabitants try to collect admission. Here you just have to ignore the calls and sneak in a few yards away. Then you have to find the right way uphill and over the mountain again the way back to the village to master. A successful adventure with terrific prospects, if you are ready to be far away from tourism.

Less adventurous, but just as beautiful, can be a ride on the bamboo raft, if the first trip to Xingping was not enough for you. A must is a trek to Laozhai Hill. From here, you can survey the entire rolling landscape and ask yourself if that is real or you are in a beautiful dream. The ascent takes about 40 minutes – depending on fitness. The view is breathtaking no matter what the hour!

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