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Greece Crete Island: On the trail of happiness, we spend three summer days on the dream island of Crete during our second blogger trip. It shines with mountains, monasteries, dream beaches, and secluded coves. One could say that the island is a star among the Greek islands because there are many cultural treasures and natural beauties. Together with the first morning light, we fly with the Edelweiss towards the sun. Onboard, three bloggers and lots of fun.

Things to do in Crete

Come down and relax. More was not on our agenda for the day. First, arrive. Explore the Agapi Beach Resort and enjoy the hospitality. The hotel, our resting place and the starting point for our little travel adventures.

Everyday Adventure Jeep Safari

Early in the morning we left the Agapi Beach Resort with two jeeps towards Rethymnon. With photo stops after feeling every curve, yes, the island is photogenic, we reached the third-largest city around 10 clocks in the morning. A short walk along the old harbor took us up to the Venetian Fortezza. Proudly built in the 16th century, the fortress perched on a hill above the city. On three sides it is enclosed by the sea and that promises fantastic panoramic views. Cost factor? The entrance fee is affordable at 3 € and is highly recommended.

We marched down the hill and plunged into the dreamy little old town. The narrow streets are partly covered by colorful flower roofs. Isolated sunbeams break through the green and prance at our feet. The flowers smell. The cafes are crowded – but not too busy because it is April and we are still in the preseason. Walking through Rethymnon is fun. The partly car-free city is very inviting and absolutely nobody is intrusive.

crete holidays

Greece Crete Island is characterized by minarets and mosques but also houses from Venetian times with typical Greek wooden balconies. As in slow motion, we traverse several epochs in just one place. It is fabulous.

Crete Beach

We have planned something special for our last day. We wanted to get out to sea. We left the city port of Heraklion and after a while the captain set sail. We now followed the wind. Our goal Dia. An uninhabited rocky island about 12 nautical miles off the coast of Crete. We anchored in a small bay. The water was calm and crystal clear, the sun was shining. Everything was perfect at that moment. With the music in the background, we enjoyed the evening light and the sun, which said goodbye to the sea for this day.

Crete Destinations

Our time that day was limited, we drove on. About 30 minutes later we were at the Arkadi monastery in the hinterland of Rethymnon. Only a short stopover. We bought a ticket for 4 € and explored this historic place. The monastery is the most important in Greece Crete Island. It is a national sanctuary and was awarded the title of European Monument of Freedom in 1990 by UNESCO.

Our journey took us further inland. It was almost 2 pm and we were getting hungry. We stopped in Spili at a greek tavern called To Sideradiko. A special restaurant with Cretan cuisine. The ingredients locally and mostly from own production. There is Greek cuisine to fall in love with!

At the end of our jeep safari, we arrived at a beautiful beach, Kommos Beach. The sand is golden and fine-grained. It stretches for about 4 kilometers on the western edge of the Messara Plain, just half an hour’s walk from the small village of Pitsidia.

Greece Crete Island

With us were only a handful of other souls on this beach. We enjoyed the evening sun, walked along the beach and made shortly afterward on the way home. I noticed that an excavation site bordered on the beach parking lot. In retrospect, I learned from my friend Wikipedia that Kommos was once an ancient port city of great importance.

During the jeep safari, it quickly became clear that an island tour is more like a historical search for clues. The drivers knew the island well. Off the main roads, we stopped here and there at ancient sites, viewpoints or just for a pee break or to pet a dog. It was a wonderful day and a perfect trip with the Go Crete Jeep Safari.

Crete Holiday Deals

Excursions are recommended. The Agapi Beach Resort is an absolute oasis of well-being, but only on excursions, the island can be discovered. Excursions can be booked easily and directly in the hotel at the tour guide.

It remains to say that the island deserves a visit. Greece Crete Island should not be missing on any bucket list. In addition to the impressive landscape and the numerous cultural treasures, it is the islanders who make the holiday destination such a unique experience. It is a feel-good destination. The inhabitants are incredibly warm, accommodating and welcoming.

Special thanks go to the local agency, the Agapi Beach Resort, the bloggers, and everyone else involved in making this trip memorable.

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