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Flensburg Germany: Today it goes to the city, which knows every racer in Germany. A city that I’ve never really had on my list, at least when it comes to sights. As a Holsteiner Tobi and I visit the area far too rarely, while “the real north”, as it is so beautiful in Ferien Schleswig Holstein, to offer some places worth seeing.

Flensburg City

So I went to Flensburg a few weeks ago to take a look at the city. Flensburg is behind Glücksburg the second northernmost city (or northernmost major city) of Flensburg Germany and only 8 km from the Danish border. More North German is not possible!

flensburg accommodation

You can explore Flensburg on foot on your own, at least the old town. Even a day is enough for the most important sights. During a full-day walkthrough Flensburg, we will show you a tour that you can do on your own.

Arrival to Flensburg

The journey to Flensburg is pretty easy by car. From Hamburg via the A7, past Neumünster and Schleswig, directly to Flensburg. From the motorway exit, you reach the federal highway 199 in the city center.

Even with public transport, you can reach the city well, this, of course, is primarily the train. A good and cheap alternative is the Flixbus, which runs several times a day to Flensburg from the Hamburg central bus station. A good overview of the times and prices can be found on Omio.

Hotel Flensburg

I opted for a hotel in the old town. The Ibis budget is right on the ZOB and I would say that there is hardly a better location for a hotel in Flensburg. From here you can explore the old town wonderful and the rooms are clean, compact and modern, just according to the Ibis standard. If you are looking for a nice boutique hotel, you are in the best of hands at the Hotel Alte Post. Also, this stylish hotel is almost at the harbor. You can find more great accommodations in the old town here.

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Tip: Parking is difficult to find in the city center. If you opt for the Ibis, you can park your car behind the hotel on a paid courtyard parking lot. The park attendant is very nice and maybe gives you a small discount if you park for 24 hours. You reach the parking lot on the Nikolaistraße, in which there is also tourist information.

Flensburg Tourism

You start the tour at the hotel recommended by us, the Ibis Budget, which has a great location. If you decide on another hotel, you can also orient yourself to the central bus station. From there, head to the harbor, which is only 5 minutes away. First, it goes to the east side (ie to the right), where you can walk for a few minutes along the harbor promenade.

Afterward, you go back to the southern end of the harbor and across the street Hafendamm to Kurzen Straße. From there, continue up to the viewing platform St.-Jürgen-Treppen, where you have a beautiful view of the harbor and the other side of Flensburg. Then you go back down and back to the harbor.

Historic harbor & museum shipyard

Along the other side of the harbor, you also have beautiful views of the many ships and of course the other side of the city from which you are just coming. The walk at the historic harbor takes about 10-15 minutes. In the end, you arrive at the famous museum shipyard as well as the Bohlwerk, the historic crane of Flensburg. Treat yourself on the way or as a breakfast a fish sandwich at Ben’s fish hut! They are considered the best fish sandwiches in the city and are a must in Flensburg Germany.

Historic harbor & museum shipyard

Flensburg Museum

The Museumsberg Flensburg with its two houses is one of the largest museums in Schleswig-Holstein. Since its foundation in 1876, the museum has been dedicated to the art and cultural history of the former Duchy of Schleswig, the northern half of which has belonged to Denmark The permanent exhibition of the Heinrich Sauermann House shows art and cultural history from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. Unique are the original farmhouse parlors and the historical furniture collection, which with over 900 pieces is one of the most extensive of its kind in Germany.

Flensburg Germany

The neighboring Hans Christiansen House shows Schleswig-Holstein art from the 19th to the 21st centuries. The focus is on the Art Nouveau department with major works by the artist Hans Christiansen, the art of Expressionism with works by Erich Heckel, Ernst Barlach and Emil Nolde, and contemporary art from the Special exhibitions with changing topics complement the permanent collection.

If you have some spare time and are interested in it, you can make a stop at the Maritime Museum on the way along the harbor. More information about the Maritime Museum Flensburg can be found here. Otherwise, skip this point and continue to the next destination.

Nordertor & Phänomenta

If you go a little further after the museum shipyard, you will already see the landmark of Flensburg on the left side behind the main street: the Moderator. It was until 1795, the northern boundary of the city and illustrates the border position of the city Flensburg – the gateway to the north. Right next door is the Science Center Phänomenta, which is unique in Schleswig-Holstein. For a visit with the family certainly an exciting experience. It continues to a viewpoint, which I discovered only by accident and simply followed without a plan. Luckily! But before you go a little along the Norderstraße. It is the scene district of Flensburg Germany and you will surely notice the hanging shoes, the Shoefiti.

Nordertor & Phänomenta

Flensburg Fjord

If you go south along the Norderstraße from Nordertor, you will reach the Marientreppe in about 5 minutes. Go up the stairs and enjoy the great view of Flensburg and the Flensburg Fjord. Then you go down the stairs again and continue along the Norderstraße until you finally reach the Große Straße. If you are hungry and now need a delicious, hearty lunch, you can briefly from here on the New Road to Hansen’s brewery. There is home cooking for good prices and the highlight for beer fans is certainly the own brewery. I tried a dark Hansen and thought it was very good.

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