Fiji Holiday Deals And Travel Tips

Where the day starts and the clocks slow down, our 10-week journey ends fiji holiday deals ! After eight weeks of “On the Move”, the hunger to travel has been satisfied for the first time and we need to take a break from reading maps and backpacking. A trip to Fiji is just right there to let the soul in a hammock dangle, read a good book and recharge the batteries before it goes back to the Austrian homeland so the plan. But where in fiji holiday deals live and how much money do you really have to lie down for it?

Fiji Accommodation  

When our fingers chose Fiji as a travel destination a few weeks ago, we had no idea how different the trip should be. “We will find a nice private accommodation” – we thought. And they were wrong.

If you visit Fiji, you quickly get the tip “down from the main island”. In Denarau, were large fiji family resorts such as Sofitel, Hilton or Radisson line up, the beach is black and those who do not want to afford a beach villa must settle for mediocre hotel rooms. It’s even better to pitch your tents in the south on the Coral Coast. There, the price-performance ratio is consistent.

fiji holiday beach huts

Our tip: If you want to spend some time on the main island of Viti-Levu, you will get an authentic  fiji holiday deals experience for your money at the First Landing Resort in Lautoka.

But the true South Seas dream awaits the surrounding islands.

The hook? A ferry or another flight is needed to get to the remote areas. Here begins the (research) fun. There are hardly any private accommodations there. In addition, our expectations were high: We wanted to end the last days of our trip in a nice beach house in a hammock. After many conversations with travelers, internet research and a travel agency visit to Australia, here is ours

The ferry to the Yasawas chain of islands seemed the least troublesome to us. Finally, we had to think about our journey home. Fiji – Sydney – Singapore – Munich … Ferry instead of the plane is an essential argument in a 40-hour journey home. Our choice was for Mantaray Island Resort, known for its exceptionally beautiful house reef.

Fiji travel tips

The Yasawa Flyer (ferry to the resorts in the Mamanucas and Yasawas) leaves the port in Nadi every day at 08:30 – so if you do not arrive early at 05:00, you should stay in one of the cheap airport hotels for the first night. The costs vary depending on the distance. We paid for the roundtrip transfer to Mantaray Island Resort the equivalent of 155 Euro. The bus transfer is already included in the ferry ticket.

Taxi or bus? We left the hotel at 7 o’clock by bus. “Heaps of Time” until the ship leaves – we thought. It was 8:15 am when we entered the ferry port (slightly stressed) at the ferry terminal after a long pick-up tour through all kinds of resorts. A taxi would have taken only 15 minutes to reach the destination and is cheap in Fiji (the price should be negotiated before departure).

fiji holiday guide

It is also not advisable – like us – to arrive at the port 15 minutes before departure if you still have to withdraw cash. Sure, on the islands, the credit card can be drawn. But the 3.5 percent fees will be paid in the long run. There is no ATM in the resorts.

… you need a mosquito repellent. And yes – you need one!

… you still need water, sunscreen or a bottle of wine from the supermarket.

… you still want to enjoy an espresso in the café there before you switch to instant coffee.

Nanuya Balavu Island

The start of our Fiji journey was relaxing. For about three hours the ferry sailed from island to island until she stopped in at our destination. A small motorboat landed us: Nanuya Balavu Island. Welcome to Mantaray Island Resort! To arrive completely, the new arrivals are traditionally greeted loudly and serenaded by the cheerful Fijians. Just one of many opportunities to listen to their singing.

Since December 2014, Mantaray Island Resort has had six newly built beach villas. One of them we have seized. And indeed, right outside the front door, she dangles in the wind: the hammock! Surrounded by palm trees that cast a pleasant shade and the turquoise seawater with a house reef, from which the Great Barrier Reef can cut off a thick slice. What an island life!

Natadola Bay

Natadola Bay, a beach that is said to be one of the Top 10 beaches in the world. I can’t deny it either. A bumpy road leads directly to the Bay: Blue Sea, white sand, and little tourists. What is there? Nothing. But that’s all right because here you can just switch off. A typical day at Natadola Bay is exactly like this: arrive, spread the towel, lie down, sleep.

Natadola Bay

Then it goes briefly into warm water, swimming and pretends it is hard Sport – but it is not, because here there are no waves. Floating is in demand. In between, you grab a coconut, sold by the locals directly on the beach. Fiji Holiday Deals!

Fiji island resorts

While our new acquaintances usually jump from island to island, we stay on Nanuya Balavu Island. Here you will meet new interesting personalities every day – from Israel, Sweden, Brazil, Germany or Turkey. Once around the globe, they all fly to Fiji island resorts. “And when you’re there, you want to see more,” is the philosophy of the restless travelers, to which we recently counted.

Fiji beach Villa

Tip: With the Bula Pass island hopping is possible at low cost. The ferry route leads through the Mamanuca archipelago to the Yasawas – as with a hop-on hop-off tour you can get on and off where you like it. Your (e) hotel (s) you should book in advance because a small motorboat must pick you up from the ferry so you come ashore. At Mantaray Island Resort, most of them spend about three nights in a dorm or jungle bure before moving on. Only we stay. For 10 days.

That’s not difficult in our Fiji beach Villa. The beach even whiter, the sea even clearer? We are happy to stow our backpack in the corner and let us pass in the hammock of this activity. There is enough to do here too.

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