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Cheap ibiza holidays; you think that Ibiza is a party island, you are wrong. party places in spain is so much more. Cheap ibiza holidays: The small treasure island in the Mediterranean is a multi-faceted paradise for adventurers, dream dancers, sun worshipers, life-artists and peace-seekers. Individual travelers, families, couples and friends meet on the island in search of their very own holiday happiness. In my travel history you will find out where we have found our holiday happiness.

An island that makes you happy!

The island is small, with short routes and yet versatile with great excursions, sports activities and relaxation oases for the traveler. Above all, Ibiza makes you happy. I think, I can just put it in the room. This is due to the sunny days, the serenity of the hearty Ibizenkos, the hippies and the beautiful nature. Geographically, the Mediterranean island is assigned to the Balearic Islands. The flora and fauna? Diverse.

Holidays in ibiza

If you want to hunt magical sunsets, holidays in ibiza has found exactly the right place. This is especially good on the Sunset Strip in Sant Antoni. Here, sun worshipers can take a perfect view of the glowing evening sun before saying goodbye to the sea for the night. But there are also the paradisiacal bays along the north and west coast – far from the Café del Mar, where breathtaking sundowners can be observed. If you like variety, you can simply choose your own favorite bay and enjoy the sunset with a delicious vino on a discovery tour.

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At the heart of Dalt Vila, the well-known fortress city of Ibiza Town, is the Nostra Senyora de la Neus Cathedral. The name of this old city beauty means something like “Our virgin of the snow”, which is quite absurd, because in Ibiza there are about 300 sunny days per year. From the cathedral, winding and narrow streets lead down the hill to the city walls and on to the city harbor. On the descent, expect a colorful shops on the Plaza de la Vila, which invite you to stroll. Since 1999, the old town, but also the magnificent Posidona seagrass meadows, the Phoenician-Punic necropolis of Puig des Molins and the Ses Salines is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ibiza attractions

La isla magíca – that’s ibiza attractions. I had many magical moments on the island, but I had the most beautiful on the hippie market in Las Dalias. Although this is not the largest market, but one of the most beautiful. That’s what we were told anyway. Between dreamcatchers, feathers and homemade jewelery, my hippie heart also flourished. The prices are fair and the jewelry can be put together directly at the stands themselves.

The island visitor is constantly accompanied by gentle house and lounge sounds. So also on the hippie market. A nice feeling, especially when watching the goings-on of the locals. Hippie children play under the salespeople’s tables and travel in their own fantasy world. One is delivered to the scent of sandalwood and strolls dreamily through the wide streets of the market. The sellers are relaxed and friendly. Nobody is intrusive. Everyone is in their own element. The hippie goodies pile up on the tables and every piece of jewelry is somehow different. Handmade just. In the heart of the market there is a café and a restaurant where you can sit and watch.

Ibiza beaches and ibiza party island

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On the last day we let the wind rush on a Jeep Safari around the ears. At the hotel we collected ourselves directly into the 6-hour adventure. A shorter tour is also possible, but where is the fun? Discoverers and adventurers will get their money’s worth on this excursion. In the open jeep we drove through regions on the North, East, and West Islands. We drove off-road over steep, bumpy and very narrow streets, which did not leave much room for oncoming traffic. On hidden trails we found our way to the most impressive vantage points over Ibiza’s coast and the interior. The terrain: Original. Almond and lemon trees, but also the typical pine trees adorn the island picture. The driver, not only a specialist in jeep driving but also in storytelling, gave us an introduction to the vegetation of the island and the history of cheap ibiza holidays. A small herbalist was free on top. We, intoxicated by the wind and sunshine, stood in the open jeep and followed our feelings of happiness. The view too breathtaking to listen to.

Ibiza travel tips

Good to know: For this excursion sunscreen and sturdy shoes are recommended, because the sun is strong and summits want to be climbed.

cheap ibiza holidays

During the Jeep Safari I first realized how versatile this Mediterranean island actually is. High cliffs with the most beautiful views invite you to climb, the hilly roads are very attractive for cyclists and the long beaches and beautiful bays invite you to relax, but also for diving and other water sports. Well and then of course there is Ibiza the party island. A small but fine fact that we must not forget.

You should take your time for cheap ibiza holidays. In the four days we were there, we could only guess what this treasure island has to offer. For example, can be in just 30 minutes, the island of Formentera u.a. reach with a catamaran. An island with a Caribbean flair. When visiting, this trip should definitely be noted in the itinerary.

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