Best Way To Find Cheap Flights

Best way to find cheap flights: The budget, the budget, the budget does not allow that? Do not worry: long distance travel can not be expensive. With these 13 practical tips, you could quickly find tons of cool flights and avoid the main price traps. A little guide for the flight search.

Best way to find cheap flights

Keeping track of things in the jungle of airlines is anything but easy. Because I think it’s worth researching for a while before buying plane ticket. With a few tricks, you will be cheaper than the tickets euro. Today I give you the most important tips for finding cheap flights.

Use metasearch engines

The step in finding cheap airline tickets is to use the right search engine. Meaningful are so-called metasearch engines.

Several providers. I usually use Skyscanner because I got used to the design. But Kiwi and Momondo are just as good options. Each of these search engines has its strengths:

Kiwi: is very flexible and makes sense if you do not know the destination exactly.

Search Route is great for finding the cheapest prices on a set

Momondo: Is traditionally strong in fork flights and shows very well alternative flight data.

Best time to get cheap flights

It is no secret that the prices of flights change greatly depending on supply and demand. In general, those times are particularly expensive, so many people want to fly. Feast like Christmas or Easter. But flights on Friday after work and on Sunday evenings often cost more.

cheap air tickets

Here comes back the advantage of Skyscanner into the game, you can search there flexible. For example, if I want to travel to India for a month in February, I’ll just drop in at the departing airport “Switzerland” at the destination airport “India” and the date “February”.

Ideally, I would now spend all connections between Switzerland and India and I could see that flights to Delhi are cheaper than those to Mumbai. Unfortunately, this feature does not always work reliably for remote destinations. But she gives good clues. Best way to find cheap flights, so you have to try something.

Airports cheap flights

You may be able to save a lot if you do not fly directly to your destination but choose an airport nearby. This is especially true at national borders. Sometimes it also pays to fly from a neighboring airport with budget airlines. It is worth taking a look at the surroundings at the following airports:

Hong Kong – Macao – Shenzhen – Guangzhou: The Pearl River Delta has four major international airports that you can change in a few hours. For example, if you want to travel from Beijing to Hong Kong, you can save a hundred dollars if you fly to Shenzhen and take the subway over the Hong Kong border from there.

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Singapore – Johor Bahru: While Singapore is an important hub for intercontinental flights, Johor Bahru airport, which is home to a low-cost Air Asia hub and offers many flights to the region, is located just a few miles behind the border on the Malaysian side.

Miami – Fort Lauderdale: A similar situation exists in Florida. Miami can be conveniently served from Europe, while Fort Lauderdale has cheap connections to Latin America. The journey between the two airports only takes about an hour on the train.

Connecting flight tickets

Whenever possible, look for Connecting flights. For example, you fly from Munich to New York and return from Los Angeles to Munich. The distance in between you drops by bus or train.

cheap international flights

Although such flights are not per se cheaper. But you can avoid buying a flight (or a long bus ride) back to the destination. This not only saves you money but above all valuable time. It makes sense to do this when traveling in large countries or traveling by crossing several countries.

Use Stopover deftly

In the rarest cases, you fly directly. Mostly you will have to change somewhere. Many airlines allow the flight to be interrupted and a (free) multi-day stopover inserted. That means you can get to know another country on the way.

There are good options for a stopover on the following routes: Reykjavik on the way to North America, Helsinki on the way to Northeast Asia, Lisbon on the way to South America and Istanbul on the way to Southeast Asia. All of these routes are known for their free stopover programs.

On other routes, you often have to pay for something if you want to leave the airport. Nevertheless, you will hardly have a chance to connect two destinations so cheap. Attention: If you leave the airport like this, your ticket may lose its validity. You should read in the small print whether stopovers are allowed.

Airlines website cheap flight tickets

Once you’ve found the cheapest date at Skyscanner, you should take a look at the airline’s website for safety. Travelers repeatedly report that they have been able to find particularly cheap flights on the websites of the airlines, or that at least lower fees for the use of credit cards have been incurred.

online flight booking

I rarely book myself through the airline’s website. Because so far I have never been able to find particularly cheap flights there but had to fight with unbearably slow and poorly programmed booking masks.

If you book the tickets directly with the airlines, you have a greater chance of seeing your money again. See also this interview.

Best way to find cheap flights

It is no secret that low-cost airlines with all kinds of fees are trying to get even more money out of the passengers. Fees are widely used for checking luggage, for board catering or the choice of seating. For traditional airlines, such services are usually included. So think about whether you need these additions and consider them in the price comparison.

Equally important in my opinion, the rebooking fees. Especially for longer trips, I do not know when booking yet exactly when I want to come back. In this case, it is worthwhile to look at the fees more closely. With a few airlines, you can rebook for free, not at others. Mostly, however, a fee of 50 to 200 euros is due.

Since I have to rebook the return flight very often, I prefer to pay a little more to be more flexible when rebooking. Unfortunately, the rebooking fees for many booking portals are very difficult to find. In general, I have found that Asian airlines are more flexible than European ones.

Tips on finding cheap flights

One of the big drawbacks of Skyscanner and Co is that the results are sorted by price only, not by the quality of the brokerage agencies. Especially in companies that sell particularly cheap tickets, sometimes stretches the worm.

flight prices

I have read of travel agencies, which did not issue tickets or in case of problems by phone are not available. A Spanish travel agency reportedly needs a month to answer complaints. That’s badly saved ten euros.

Best way to find cheap flights; To avoid nasty surprises, I usually throw a look at the rating portal Trustpilot pricing at unknown travel agencies. If the provider has above average often bad reviews, I prefer a slightly more expensive option or book directly with the airline.

Forget the bonus miles

Airlines try to lure us with mile flights. In some cases, earning miles can be worthwhile, so there’s no reason to sign up for one or more networks.

I was a member of the Star Alliance for a long time and was able to obtain a few free flights. But do not be fooled by mileage cosmetics and never choose an expensive flight just to get miles.

The problem is that you are unlikely to be able to use the miles in a meaningful way. First, most programs will expire within three years – unless you take an overpriced credit card. Secondly, you also have to pay for airport taxes, safety fees and fuel surcharges for “free flights”, so a free flight is at best the same price as a direct flight on a low-cost airline. Best way to find cheap flights.

Cheap parking at the airport

If you occasionally drive to the airport, you may have been annoyed by the unbelievably expensive parking rates. However, there is also an incredible savings potential, if you dodge alternative parking.

Best way to find cheap flights

This can be, for example, outside parking spaces on the airport grounds, which are a little further from the terminal and therefore cheaper. However, some airports also have outside parking facilities, which are connected by a airports shuttle bus.

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