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Best travel planning apps: Every day more travel apps can be downloaded conveniently and in most cases completely for free on the smartphone. But not every app delivers what it promises. We looked at travel apps from a variety of topics and tell you which ones you should download this year before the holidays.

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Vacation Trip Planner

If you travel, you need good preparation and a lot of information. In the past, thick travel guides had been rolled over long before the holiday and handwritten sightseeing tours and restaurants worked out. Even during the holidays, the books were an indispensable companion, were packed in the backpack and consulted on the go. These unpractical times are over because travel apps for the smartphone make life easier during the planning phase and on the way immensely.

Where is the best pizza? Which doctor is recommended at the resort? From which point of the city can you enjoy the most amazing panoramic view? Travel apps have the right answer to all these questions. However, the little helpers are as numerous as the sand on the sea. The following list shows you our favorites among Best travel planning apps.

Alternative Travel Options

Being stuck in traffic is even more annoying than getting stuck at the airport. Travel apps like StauMobil show the traffic obstructions in the area or search for a previously defined route specifically for obstacles. The tank has just been filled and the next rest area offers significantly lower fuel prices. The multi-fueling app can be fed with different search parameters and always displays the cheapest gas station in the area. If you do not have your car, you can find alternative travel options with BlablaCar (ba bla car) or travel apps such as a ride-in at reasonable prices.

Travel Airport Apps

Lingering around the airport for hours and waiting for the delayed vacation plane can spoil the anticipation of the holidays. Flight board looks like a scoreboard and knows worldwide which flight is delayed, in which terminal the check-in is located and from which gate the plane starts. If you depart from another airport than usual, you’ll appreciate these travel apps of this kind. It can be awkward to log into the free Wi-Fi at the airport. Who waits longer for the departure, annoys moreover often over the limited use time.

travel organizer app

Best travel planning apps Folio allow you to log in to more than 400 airports around the world for free and sweeten the time to departure with surfing. Even if there is no wifi at the resort in the hotel, the app shows hotspots in the area. LoungeBuddy is an app that gives you instant access to 170 airport lounges around the world. Payment for the services in the lounge is made on site.

Best Trip Planner App

If you leave the Eurozone, you can sing a song from Nepp. The currency is unknown, fast on the market or in the souvenir shop excessive prices are demanded and also in restaurants is ripped off. With travel apps, the different currencies can be converted to the current exchange rate and the overview of the foreign money is guaranteed.

WC Finder

Nothing is worse than not finding a quiet place on the way. WC Finder is one of those travel apps that promise relief in the truest sense of the word. Over half a million public toilets worldwide are listed here. An alternative is the Flush Toilet Finder.

Google travel apps

In theory, you can spend your holidays completely with Google, because the Onlinegigant has the right travel apps for every eventuality during the holidays. Google Maps always shows the right way. The Google translator will pick up if the correct words are missing in the language of the host country. Standing in front of a building and wondering which building that is is now a thing of the past with Google Goggles. Just shoot a picture of the appropriate place or monument and the app will find all the information on the internet about it together. Google Trips makes it easier to plan your trip and also helps with all questions on the spot.

Best travel planning apps

Groupon Apps

On vacation, the purse is usually loose, but it is sometimes nice when travel apps help to save money. At Groupon, there are daily changing promotions offering massive discounts on restaurants, shopping, leisure activities, events, spa and more. The app is international and who have not used it at home, should start at the latest on vacation.

Safe traveling

The Foreign Office is also involved in travel apps. Unfortunately, it is the case that the security situation of popular holiday destinations can change from one day to the next. The app provides for each country the constantly updated travel and safety information and emergency addresses for all eventualities in the country. Nobody wants it, but holidays do not protect against illness. As drugs are different in every country, Best travel planning apps like My Medicines say what the desired medicine means at the destination.

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