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Best holiday handbag, granted that carry-on luggage offers endless space is a lie. The permitted sizes for the bag on board have dropped over the last few years again and again. But if you pack wiser, you get all the utensils you need for your trip despite limited storage space. Whether trolley or backpack – I’ll show you my tricks for carry-on luggage. And the best? At the end of the entry, you can win a trolley from Zalando, which is perfect for all airlines.

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The stress of the pack usually reaches an unpleasant climax on the eve of the journey. And hardly anyone starts by researching the correct measurements for carry-on luggage or putting out their passport on the Web. In the beginning, according to my experience, always the piece of the luggage itself.

Here’s a reassuring message: Even with low-cost airlines, you can carry a personal item with you in addition to carry-on luggage. This can be a handbag or a small backpack. This is a huge relief for the storage space problem with hand luggage.

But you should not overdo it with this regulation

In the beginning, think about the journey ahead of you to choose the right piece of luggage: Best holiday handbag: No question – take a trolley. For wrinkle-free shirts or blouses, you can hardly do without this protection. The laptop is best stowed away in an extra bag to save weight.

o City trip: The shorter the journey, the sooner I would reach for the backpack. As a piece of luggage, it is flexible to handle at the airport and in the aircraft itself and – with the right model – can also be displayed while strolling through your favorite city.

o Beach vacation: Even longer trips can be easily handled with hand luggage. Bikini and swimming trunks need little storage space. Here a combination of trolley and shoulder bag would be ideal.

The Basics: Dimensions, Weight and Liquids

You have been thinking about which trip is ahead of you, limiting the choice of Best holiday handbag. Wonderful. Before you pull your grandmother’s 10-kilo suitcase out of the basement and hope for the best at check-in, you should waste a brief thought on the basics.

According to IATA (this is the World Aviation Association), your carry-on luggage maybe 55 centimeters high, 35 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters deep. This standard is a guideline – and some premium airlines allow a little more. When weight you have 8-10 kilograms available. Of course, the weight of your baggage plays a big role in this restriction.

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To be sure, research allowed measurements and weight of the airline you are flying with. The dimensions of popular airlines are also visible in the Zalando travel luggage guide.

Also part of the hand luggage basics: fluids. The queues at the security check would be significantly shorter if everyone adhered to the fluid restrictions:

  • Containers (!) with a maximum capacity of 100ml are permitted.
  • These must be in a transparent, lockable bag (with the closure on the bag – rubber rings are not allowed)
  • The liquids include not only water but also e.g. Skin creams, hair wax, etc.

Empty water bottles can be replenished after the security check!

Hand luggage pack for professionals

Best holiday handbag, basics in mind – now it’s finally time to pack. There are 5 space-saving tips:

1. Where to go with the socks? Well, in shoes. If you’re traveling with an extra pair of sneakers, just roll up your socks and put them in your shoes.

2. How do I pack my t-shirts wrinkle-free? Forget the tedious folding. Again, the rolling technique is much better suited. If you are traveling with a trolley, you should always store the T-shirts at the bottom and put on your pants or skirts.

3. Thick jackets? Wool sweater? If you travel into colder climes, you are quickly faced with a storage space problem. So use your body. The bulkiest garments you should wear to fly yourself and put on the plane if necessary.

4. Accessories? The small items can be transported in the pocket of pants or in a hat or cap. So you make sure that no accident happens when spontaneously opening.

5. Nice-to-have things? Maybe I could use that part. And when it gets really cold, too. And maybe a third trunk when the other two are not dry … – forget it. In this way, your carry-on luggage becomes a checked bag. Honestly, it’s better to forego nice-to-have items while traveling and buy them at the destination if need be. This is guaranteed cheaper than the spontaneous purchase (usually more than 50 €) of Aufgeldepäck at the low-cost airline counter because you have not complied with the weight limit.

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