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Activities in Dubai; A visit to the observation deck at the ‘Summit’ in Dubai is not exactly a solo experience. But for something unique. Especially if you want to see the sunset even if tickets are booked at dusk. And therefore, it is open for several hours. Our review shows (and shows) what “what to expect” where the cheapest tickets to Dubai are ranked.

Burj Khalifa Viewing

The first impression of the viewing platform on the Burj Khalifa was not about the brooding heat of Dubai. When the lift doors finally opened at an altitude of 452 meters, it suddenly smelled pleasant to the Orient. A woody scent mixed with an incense note received us. A few steps through the revolving door into the open and already spread Dubai at our feet.

Burj Khalifa

And yet a view is and remains an outlook. The Observation Deck on the tallest building in the world is generating huge expectations, and maybe that’s why it lags behind them. A 360-degree view is not possible in the open air (unfortunately, the view to the Dubai Marina opens up only from the inside). Most visitors drive up and stay far too short. And on some days the visibility of clouds, fog or clouds in the air is clouded. Since then helps only the view of the expensive pictures in the souvenir shop.

We were lucky in two ways. The view reached to the horizon. And the change from daylight to darkness was spectacular. Even though we had to spend almost three hours on the Burj Khalifa.

Best Time To Visit Dubai

Why did not we just want to be on it a little later than 4 pm? We could not. The booking system on provides bookings for certain days and fixed times. The best times are of course much sought after.

We booked the tickets just over two weeks before our activities in Dubai and 16:00 was the latest available time over a whole vacation week. The tallest building in the world is not for the quick-thinking. Haste is also out of place – for the visit at least 1h 30min should be scheduled.

dubai attractions

Those planning a stay in Dubai should book their Burj Khalifa tickets in advance (the sooner the better – bookings can be made up to a month in advance). Who wants to buy the tickets on-site, not only has to take long lines in purchasing but also pay almost four times Price.

Burj Khalifa Ticket Price

Taxis are quite affordable in Dubai. Car hire drivers will find plenty of parking space in the activities in Dubai Mall, where access to the Burj Khalifa Observation Deck is located. And those who like to use public transport, like us, will find a state-of-the-art subway in Dubai. A one-way trip on the Dubai Metro costs around four euros and also offers a colorful mix of tourists, locals and guest workers. The name of the subway station is “Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall Station”.

The way from the subway station to the ticket counter is far about 20 minutes should be planned for this. Once arrived, the voucher must first be exchanged from the online booking into a real ticket. Simply go to the right side of the queue to the machines and enter confirmation code – et voilรก: you already have your ticket. There should also be plenty of time available – and those who are too early can still pass the time at the innumerable restaurants and shops in the mall.

Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour

When the time comes, queue, security check (camera backpack is no problem), short introduction and lift ride (including lift boy entertainment) have to be mastered. The lift ride is an experience. In the beginning, you hardly notice the gentle movement. Just under a minute and 452 meters later, you have traveled 10 meters per second in one of the world’s fastest lifts.

Activities in Dubai: Since October 2014, however, there is an even higher viewing platform on the Burj Khalifa – and thus a new entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Even higher, however, means even more expensive. Visitors will have to top a whopping 120 euros – culinary snacks are included 550 meters above the ground.

Dubai Burj Al Arab

At the groundbreaking ceremony in 2004, the prestigious project bore the name “Burj Dubai“. This is not the case today, is due to the financial crisis. The 1.5 billion US .- $ construction costs made it at the end necessary that the ruler of the neighboring Emirate Abu Dhabi had to step in just before the opening in 2010 with a cash injection. Thank you so much: the building has been named after it ever since and is known around the world like Burj Khalifa.

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