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5 days trip in india: Maharajahs and IT specialists, mendicants, and Bollywood stars. The skyscrapers of an economic power next to slum quarters and sacred places. India is colorful, sensual and full of contrasts! During this classic study trip, you will enjoy the cultural treasures of northern India between the Taj Mahal and the Ganges, the sacred caves of Ellora and Ajanta and the colorful mirror mosaics of Fort Amber near Jaipur. Experience the magic of the holy Hindu city of Varanasi, the faded fame of Orcha and the ghost fortress of the great mogul Akbar in Fatehpur Sikri. And enjoy the free hours with the sundowner in the Maharajah atmosphere, on the spice bazaar or with pampering in the spa!

5 days trip in india

Entry visa india

5 days trip in india, German and Austrian citizens require a visa. For German passports, an electronic e-Tourist Visa can be applied for, at the latest four days before entry. For Austrian passports, this is not possible. Here you first have to fill out a Visa application online and thus go directly to the BLS International Visa Service (or submit by post). Also, you need a photo in the odd format 5x5cm (make new photos, without exception, no other formats are accepted).

Golden triangle india tours

The optimum time to visit the Golden triangle is in February and March. From April onwards, the Thermometer can rise to temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius. In December and January, on the other hand, it may still be very cold in some cases. In the summer months of July and August monsoon season prevails. In October and December, the climate is suitable for travel.

Always Indian holidays consider in the choice of travel time. We were, for example, during Holi in India, which is of course very exciting on the one hand, but on the other hand, it can lead to restrictions. We will also write our article on our Blog.

Individually or organized

Before a trip to India, you will quickly ask yourself the question, whether you travel on your own or get help when organizing. Both of these, Of course, have advantages and disadvantages.

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We didn’t want to be completely alone on our 5 days trip in india, so we decided to travel to India with long-distance travel. Experience-long distance travel has supported us in the organization of our transports and has taken over the booking of train tickets, private transports, and accommodation.

So we had an individual trip for two but were allowed to enjoy some comfort. Upon arrival in Delhi, we received all documents from an employee of the partner agency. This is, of course, practical because we had to take care of nothing more on the ground.

Delhi Agra Jaipur

A journey through the golden triangle leads to the three Highlights in northern India. In principle, you only have to think about which direction you want to travel.


Most start their journey in Delhi. Although the city can be quite over-demanding, we were able to acclimatize well there. We stayed only two nights and would recommend you three nights.

Agra / Taj Mahal

From Delhi, we took the train to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal. The city itself has not been very enthusiastic about us, but for the Taj Mahal, it is worth the trip of course. With two nights you get out well in time, three are probably better.

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From Agra, it is about a five-hour drive to Jaipur-also known as “Pink City“. On the way, you should stop at Fatehpur Sikri. Plan at least two to three hours. In Jaipur itself, we stayed two nights. This was sufficient for us, but who likes it comfortable, should stay three nights.

What is golden triangle in india

The most comfortable traveling with a private driver. You can stop when you want, and be very flexible. Private drivers usually keep everyone at the same resting place – the food there is overpriced and usually only mediocre. We were impressed by the train journey to Agra – we enjoyed seeing the scenery passing by. Alternatively, you can of course also change to public buses – but that was us then honestly for our first India trip a bit too adventurous. The organization and booking of the transports have been carried out for us long-distance travel 5 days trip in india.

	where to go in india

We usually stopped a motorized rickshaw during transport within the cities. We paid about 50 Indian rupees depending on the length of the route. Sometimes we also used bike rickshaw. In Delhi, we drove by Metro. This is in principle very simple and cheap: the Tickets are purchased at the ticket desk before commencing, the price per ride is about 10 rupees. However, you usually still have to walk quite long distances to reach the final destination. For some more routes, the Taxi is a suitable solution.

India accommodation

The currency in India in Indian rupees. There are many ATMs, but we have experienced that they often do not work. We also had a little cash (Euro) with it, which we did not regret. Changing from Euro to Indian rupees is easily possible in many Hotels. The course is often not the best.

Credit cards are accepted in larger Restaurants and Hotels almost everywhere. India is a very cheap destination. The prices forfood and accommodation are listed in the respective chapters.

Food and Drink in India

Food in northern India and Rajasthan is phenomenal. Believe us: you will love it! If you don’t like to eat hot, you should announce this when ordering, because India is known for its spicy dishes. For vegetarians and Vegans, India is a Paradise: all vegetarian and mostly vegan food.

Food India

Our favorite dish was Shahi Paneer. Paneer is a type of cream cheese that comes on the table in various variations. The Shahi Paneer, which is prepared in an incredibly delicious and creamy tomato sauce. Also, a Highlight is, of course, the countless dishes with Dal, so lentils. Dal Makhani is typical of the North and damn tasty. Among the different Curries, it is best to order a classic or a garlic-Naan bread and some rice. Also highly recommended is a so-called Thali: in many small bowls, you get a variety of dishes, plus some rice and bread.

Security in India

At first, we were very skeptical. The many negative headlines about India have caused us a little abdominal pain. We can reassure you: with the right amount of caution, India is not a dangerous destination.

5 days trip in india

In the evening we tried not to walk alone through the streets 5 days trip in india. Instead, we took a Taxi for the route. As far as clothing is concerned, Kathi has dressed all the way covered. There were hardly any disturbing looks of men. It is best to always have a large cloth that you can lay over your shoulders if necessary.

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